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Born in Juiz de Fora, Brazil. I see the world through the lens of Design Thinking, imagining that every problem can be solved and every situation can be improved if we put enough effort to (re)design it based on the experience of the user. How to make people happy through/by Media? That is my job.Bachelor in Communication with focus in Journalism. During my time in Brazil I had the chance to work with creative jobs as Musician, Photographer, Webdesigner. Also worked as a full time intern for 2 years and a half in the Public Relations department of an Education Institution. Felt in love with Japan and after my graduation I got Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarship for a Master in Media Design at Keio University.

Presentations skills going up! Love to talk about Design, Economics, Marketing, Games and Technology reviews.

Languages:Portuguese (Native), English (Advanced Speaking, Reading and Writing), Japanese (Advanced Speaking, Intermediate Reading and Writing)

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We will create the future more interesting, funnier, happier by New Media.

Designer, Public Relations, Games, Entertainer. Brazilian living in Tokyo.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Media Furniture

As my main project at graduate school, I was responsible for the brand of the project for one year and then changed to product design. By researching about luxury brands I developed a nice sense of branding and costumer desire. In the product design, I am currently developing a mix between Interior Design and Entertainment Design. The project proposes a new lifestyle, more fun and creative through our everyday furniture.

Mar 2011Aug 2011

Fourth Valley

Fourth Valley is a global human resources company. My job was to develop a better online service to enrich the experience of the person who aims for a job in Japan through our company. I developed the new website and Social Media Strategies for Facebook promotion. 

Sep 2009Sep 2010

Event Producing

During the first year of my graduate course I was part of the Event Producing Team which had to realize events using new Media looking for new alternatives of promotion. Last year, from march to august we paired with Sony Business Solution Team to develop 3 events using social media promotion. The main event was an Augmented Reality Game to promote a Movie Theater.

Mar 2005Aug 2008


In the Public Relation Department I was responsible for promoting internal marketing, producing events for kids, teenagers and university students of the institution. I was also responsible for an newspaper with 10.000 prints for internal circulation. 



Because of my training at my Bachelor course I got involved with other creative activities working from my home office. Those extra activities helped me to develop a better eye for design, entrepreneurship and direct contact with the customer. 


Sep 2009Aug 2011

Master's in Media Design

Keio University

Funded by the Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarship. (Japanese Ministry of Education)

I was also part of the Keio Bekka Program for Japanese Language and Culture for one semester. 


Journalism and Public Relations
My major was focused in journalism. Intermediate skills in Writing, Editing, PhotoJournalism, Cinematography, and Layout Design. Experience as a freelancer and during my time as an intern in a public relations office.
Interaction Designer
Main focus of my Masters in Media Design, we learn how to apply the Design Thinking to any field, developing new strategic solutions or new products. Currently researching about the application of Game Design in other fields to motivate behavior.  Intermediate Skills in Processing, OpenFrameworks, Arduino.
Domain of the whole Adobe Creative Suite.  HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL. Basic JAVA and Basic Action Script 3.   Domain of the creative and logic process, from the information architecture to the implementation of the design.
Presentation and Communication
As a Public Relations person and a musician I learned to read the environment to deliver the appropriate content in the right media for different kinds of public. Entertainment and Design are also professional skills that I developed working with Event Producing, Online Marketing and Alternative Media strategies. Love to Entertain!