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I am an Aerospace Engineer with specialization in Orbital and Attitude Dynamics (AOCS) and Navigation and Control of Aerospace Systems. Currently, I work as a Flight Test Engineer for Embraer SA,Brazil, where I am responsible for testing military aircrafts systems in flight as crew. I can also mention my previous work experience also for Embraer SA as Avionics System Integration Engineer and Software Programmer. As you may see from my Curriculum Vitae, my Master degree at Brazilian Space Agency (Star Sensors, Star identification, Attitude determination and Attitude dynamics) along with incoming PhD at ZARM-DLR-Germany (Aerospace Navigation, GPS, INS and Kalman Filtering), beside diverse skills, makes me self-confident I have extensive experience in Aerospace Systems and that I can apply my knowledge and skills to met aerospace job functions, qualification and requirements.

I should also mention that I have a strong drive and motivation to learn new things, specially in international working atmosphere. My excellent verbal and written skills enable me to effectively communicate information to others not only in English but also in German, besides Portuguese and a little in Italian. I have pleasing personality and have excellent people skills and I am fluent in a variety of computer programs and programming languages. Due the fact of being responsible for a variety of tasks to be done on a day-to-day basis, I have strengthened my organizational skills and my ability to prioritize work. Besides, I am also self concentrated and apply my trained confidence in risky tasks in adverse environments such as piloting, diving and test flying.


Space Technology and Navigation. Research.

Work experience

Oct 2001Present

Flight Test Engineer

Embraer S.A.

  • Flight crew of military fighter aircrafts (F-5, AMX, Super-Tucano
  • Technical consulting on Navigation and GPS/INS systems
  • Campaign management, optimization and Risk mitigation
  • Instrumentation optimization and budget reducing
  • Requirement assessment and technical recommendations
  • Technical Optimization Solution prototyping in Matlab/Simulink
  • Teaching and Training on aircraft systems and operation for many Air Forces
Feb 2009Jun 2009


University of São Paulo

Lecture on GPS, INS, Kalman Filtering and Aerospace Navigation in the course “Introduction to Test Flying” of the Aeronautical Engineering Department

Feb 1997Sep 2001

Sytem Integration Engineer

Embraer S.A.
  • System integration
  • Multi-task C/C++ Software development for military avionic integration
  • Software quality assurance
  • Ni-LabView simulations for civilian avionic integration
  • Software Quality and Development Plan for International Space Station (ISS) program
  • Requirements assessment and technical recommendations
Apr 1992Dec 1996

Astronomy Instructor

Observatory of University of São Paulo

wCourses and workshops for the general public



Evandro Marconi Rocco

Dep. of Space Mechanics and Control - Brazilian Space Agency (INPE)

Stephan Theil

Institute of Space Systems - DLR German Aerospace Center


Apr 2003Present


University of Bremen-ZARM
  • Research on GPS, INS, Kalman Filter and Aerospace Navigation
  • Analysis of various Aerospace Navigation missions
  • Development of Matlab/Simulink simulation for:
    • GPS constellation orbital dynamics
    • reconfigurable GPS receiver
    • reconfigurable INS
    • reconfigurable Kalman Filter
  • Concept, Design and Integration of a Embedded GPS/INS system Hardware
  • Multi-task real-time software development
  • Training and workshops on GPS/INS/KF for students
  • Training and workshops on C and Matlab/Simulink programming for students
  • Project proposals for EU/Brazil cooperation
Jan 1997Sep 2000


Brazilian Space Agency
  • Research on Satellite attitude determination and attitude dynamics
  • Star identification
  • Star sensor simulation in Matlab
  • Virtual test bench for star sensors in Matlab 
Jan 1992Dec 1996

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

University of São Paulo


Verbal Fair Writing Fair Reading Fair
Verbal Excellent Writing Excellent Reading Excellent
Verbal Excellent Writing Excellent Reading Excellent
Native language
Oper. Systems
MS Windows, Digital-Unix, Gentoo-Linux
Office tools
MS Office Suite, Lotus Notes, Latex, Paintshop Pro
MS Project, CVS
C(expert), C++, Fortran, Real-Time Application Interface (RTAI)
Matlab/Simulink and S-functions(expert), AGI-STK, Ni-LabView, Mathematica, Maple


Apr 2003Mar 2003


Goethe Institute-Goettingen

Top Secret

Brazilian Air Force - FAB