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I have working with development / IT more than 10 years. Today I have experience on projects with responsive design for smartphones and tablets, mobile apps and Facebook and also using resources from other social networks (Twitter and Instagram for example). I have developed for various types of customers in various types of projects.

I consider myself a person of initiative, especially when it comes to learning new things, and implementation of tools to improve productivity. I'm always looking for innovations in technology and studying a bit about them. Work well in a team and have some experience as a project leader. The compliments I receive always have something to do with my commitment and confidence that people can put on me.

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Full Stack Developer

I'm responsible of developments in general over all Estadão's digital products, and during my experience a was the Lead Developer over the mobile website, and a internal system for continuos integration.
Sep 2010Sep 2014

Criative Technologist / Criativo de Tecnologia

Tribo Interactive

Programmer / Creative combining areas like frontend, backend, flash and mobile. I have a good knowledge of programming in all areas and different languages. ​

I had the opportunity to work with large enterprise customers in projects of several varieties, such as portals, hotsites, apps for Facebook and for mobile phones and tablets.

Aug 2006Sep 2010

Developer / Programador

Agente Agency

Senior Programmer for all sites and systems developed at the agency. For being a small agency, I was the only programmer hired. In need of a freelance worker, he was under my responsibility.


Jan 2006Dec 2009

Software Developer Technologist

FIAP - Faculdade de Administração e Informática Paulista


Back-end (PHP / Node.js)



  • Estadão / Estadão Mobile -
  • Vale -
  • Clear -
  • OMO -
  • Johnsons&Johnsons (Carefree, Johnsons Babe, O.B.)
  • Nestlé
    • Corporative / Institucional - (Intervenções, destaques, banners)
    • Mais Divertido - For Kids / Infantil: 
    • Neston -
  • Cosan (Comgas, Shell and others group)
  • C&A - Facebook App -
  • PayPal -
  • Pfizer -
  • Honda
    • (A lot of hotsites of products that have been updated and possibly is not online at the moment / Diversos hotsites de produtos que não estão mais no ar, mas posso confirmar que foram mais de 50 sites)
    • Piloto Mais: