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Work experience

Nov 2010Present

Marketing & Sales – PUR based Chemicals & Polymers


From the Market point of view:-

•Planning and developing of new products & market for Polyurethane (PU) based Chemicals

•Working circuitously with the customers in Industry thereby grabbing & augmenting novel opportunities for PU chemical.

•Promoting Engineered PU Chemical/Polymer products for new applications.

•Identifying opportunities for new products; may act as a technical resource for our business development team.

•Maintaining good rapport with customers, distributors & dealers.

•Maintaining the technical expert knowledge of the company's products & services.

At the Customer end:-

•Maintaining strong relationships with clients. Follow up on client requests, any issues as they arise & solicit their feedback. Be a partner to the client. Ensuring a successful ongoing client relationship

• Leading new clients through an orientation of our services. Understanding & suggesting new solutions as per the customer’s needs, suitability & as per the market feedback on performance requirement

•Emphasizing on product’s features, capabilities& limitations based on analyses of customers.

•Extending application area of products by analyzing the client’s requirement & recommending solutions technically.

•Presenting new products & services to prospective customers through displays, demonstrations & development trials.

•Advising customers on technical issues in order to promote the company's products and services.

•Contacting customers to discuss their needs & to explain how these needs could be met by specific products & services. 

•Giving the technical & market support, involving Customer trial & consultancy.

•Training customers in the safe and efficient use of company products.

From the Project point of view:-

•Performing projects & duties, along with QA Team, assigned by the Global Head Centre (GFCC), in Guangzhou, China.

•Providing input to development of new products to the Product Manager.

•Participating in studies on need basis in Polyurethane (PU) Chemicals & providing regular data inputs on Products.

•Meeting the Development targets, involving new compound development & formulations.

•Experimenting on various base polymeric chemicals, additives, catalysts.

•Process control of Products based on Reaction’s Profile & Properties.

•Conducting the regular root cause analysis, troubleshooting

•Ensuring adherence to highest standards & meet the development targets.

•Preparing & providing reports, summaries & presentations for current or new product & its business activity

•Acting as a group spokesperson on product’s market performance &projects.

•Provide feedback on product performance & thereby checking the product’s performance as per the target.

Jan 2010Nov 2010

Graduate Engineer Trainee in R&D-cum-Rubber Department

ALP Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

The job involved: -

·Performing the engineering work on research, development & design of EPDM & NBR based products.

·Planning & implementing projects in support of Business, R&D-cum-Quality & Manufacturing departments.

·Coordinating for the Product Development trials & Checking the Performance parameters of the Product

·Ensuring the process, product’s properties & performance meet the standards.

·  Analyzing the properties of developed product graphically & statistically by Run Time Reports & by SQC.

·Testing of raw material-like Water Content, Ash content, Sieve test, Density test, Melting Point test, etc.

·Process control of the developed product based on Physical, Rheological & Characterization parameters.

·Laboratory management, handling & control on the issue and maintenance of test machine like:-

UTM, Oscillating Disc Rheometer, Mooney Shearing Disc Viscometer, Abrasion Machine, Bursting     Strength, etc


Aug 2009Jul 2005

B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering)

Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi
Projects & Training Completed

1)Underwent 4-Weeks Industrial training inINDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD., MATHURA REFINERY. Studied on various Petroleum Refining process & operations: - FCC, Distillation, Reforming, Cracking, Vis- Breaker Unit, etc along with broad understanding of petrochemicals, side products & production technologies

2)Underwent 8-Weeks In-plant training at HPL ADDITIVES (HIGH POLYMER LABS), Faridabad, Haryana. They are India’s largest Additive Producer & exporters of Polymer Additives, Catalysts & Industrial chemicals. Studied on production of polymeric additives (Blowing Agents)

3)Acquired 1 month Industrial training at GM PLASTICS, an injection molding SME & gained invaluable knowledge about Injection molding operations & processes

4)Underwent a 2-Week In-College Training on study of ION-EXCHENGE RESINS.

5)Successfully completed one Project on Stereo-Regularity of PVA, i.e.

Oxidative degradation of PVA with Periodic Acid

R&D Activities Handled in College

Successfully handled & completed the Polymerization work, in College, on Polymers:-

1)PreparedPhenolic (PF) Resinsi.e.

•Acid catalyzed: Novolak

• Base catalyzed: Resol

2)PreparedUrea-Formaldehyde (UF) Resin& Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) Resin.

3) Prepared Thiokol Rubber i.e. PolySulphideby Condensation Polymerization.

4) Prepared PolyAcrylAmide (PAA) by Bulk Polymerization.

5)Polymerized Methyl MethAcrylate toPMMAwith 2, 2-Azo Bis Butyro Nitrile.

6)Polymerization of Vinyl Acetate to Poly Vinyl Acetatevia:-

•Emulsion Polymerization with Ammonium PerOxoDisulphate.

•Suspension/Bead Polymerization.

7)Prepared PVAfrom Poly Vinyl Acetates.

Extra Curricular

Organized the Annual Technical Festival named “TATVA”, for our own Delhi College of Engineering in 2008 for my Department, which witnessed an impressive participation from Tech schools all over India


High School & Intermediate

Guru Harkrishan Public School


Soft Skills
    ·  Perseverance, Persistent & Receptive. ·  Good Teamwork & Interpersonal skills.      ·  Good at relationship building & People skills. ·  Great level of Computer & Internet literacy with advanced knowledge of Microsoft applications.           


Ms. Raj Laxmi Dubey

Mr. Bhoj Raj Padhan

Prof. D. Kumar Kumar

Mr. Rajesh Singh

Dr. R. C. Sharma Sharma



A Market & Technology oriented professional with around 1.5 years of experience in Material & Market Development Research in Chemicals, Polymers & Petrochemicals .Lastly worked with Bayer Material Science Private Limited, a part of “Bayer AG”, at their Bay-System House in India,as Executive-Marketing & Technical Consultancy-cum- Services for Polyurethane (PU) Chemicals.

Demonstrated excellence in development of framework and user interfaces for various products that not only facilitated development efforts but also made the product truly friendly to customer.

Possess end-to-end Market development of products from requirement analysis to product’s study, formulating, designing, testing, documentation & implementation. Possess sound experience in different phases of Polymers on various platforms and technologies.

Industrially good in product & market advocacy & comprehensive in fields of Chemicals, Polymers, Petrochemicals, Refining & Respective processing methods. Also proficiently competent in developing the market support & applications technicalities of these Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymer, their chemistry, including their synthesis reactions, mechanisms, catalysts, additives & their respective function.

Well organized & disciplined with regards policy, procedure & standards.

An effective communicator with well-honed public relations skills, marketing & client-focused online, oral &and interpersonal communication skills internally to succeed in the given job opportunity.

 Ability to use MS word, Excel, Power- Point & other software relating to report generation, project execution.


To seek a career in Industry & take up a challenging opportunity that enables me to specialize in Marketing & Material Development-cum-Research work on Chemicals, Polymers & Petrochemicals along with exposure to Research & Managerial Work. Also I’m an aspirant to utilize my skills & ability in the areas of field, which offers a professional growth while being Resourceful, Innovative & Flexible. I’m Enthusiastic & love to work in Diverse, Demanding & Exciting industrial environment.