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Gulzaib Amjed

Android application development at Vu-Software House

Work experience

Student Ambassador

Innovation Center for MSP Microsoft
Student Ambassador on base strong programing concepts. Virtual University offers me internship in their software house under professionals.

Intermediate], Servlets

Academic Achievements & Awards
Servlets PHP framework PHP CodeIgniter[Intermediate]. PHP MyAdmin[Intermediate] Microsoft Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 professional, Desktop Applications/games in C#Databases Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Academic Achievements & Awards Virtual University of Pakistan Represent me as their potential competitor in Microsoft

Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador from Virtual University of Pakistan where responsibilities are to give sessions on Windows Phone application development and Asp.Net technologies. Final Year Project Internship at vu-software house working Real time applications in real professional environment. There were two projects, mobile application in Android and web application in PHP. Programming Languages & Skills Strong Object Oriented analysis design and debugging Strong analytical, Problem solving skills. C++ Intermediate Java Intermediate PHP/Git Intermediate JavaScript Intermediate HTML/CSS Intermediate JQuery Beginner C#, Beginner Tools & Technologies Java Android Studio, Map Activities, Google Map API v2, Singleton patterns, interfaces

Student Ambassador

MSP Microsoft
Student Ambassador) at Microsoft September 2014-(11 months)

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance) Android application development(JAVA) (I year) Experience in real time applications as internee at VU-Software house. Developed in Android Studio. Application for visually impaired personto help them in their routines in objects detection and voice recognition. We used technologies such as Singleton pattern Factory pattern




Virtual university of Pakistan

Central Model School Lower Mall


Central Model School Lower Mall