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Facilities Management & Engineering – Maintenance Management – Project Management

Accomplished leader offering comprehensive expertise in facilities management and engineering with experience delivering full service maintenance management and ensuring high staff performance and reduced costs. Background encompasses the management of janitorial and ground maintenance including operations of utility systems and equipment as well as security.


  • Equipped with a strategic mindset that facilitates the formulation and implementation of strategies that have significantly improved preventative maintenance and cost efficiency.
  • Practiced in project and construction management including initial planning and scoping, scheduling, sourcing and procurement of materials and testing of integrated utility management systems.
  • Recognized as a builder and leader of high performance teams by engendering a culture of trust and collaboration and valuing ongoing training and development to build skills and professionalism.
  • Exemplary interpersonal, leadership, communication, and presentation skills.

 Core Competencies

  • Facilities Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Site Management
  • General Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Budget Management
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Operational Planning
  • Process Improvements
  • Relationship Management
  • OH&S
  • Regulatory Compliance/Audits
  • Engineering

Work experience


Facilities & Maintenance Manager


Directed a 65-member staff encompassing supervisors, housekeepers and maintenance mechanics, overseeing activities and monitoring quality of work. Engendered a strong collaborative work culture, driving efficiency while managing maintenance and housekeeping operations within a healthcare environment. Proficiently managed budgeting and planning including healthcare environmental cleaning, preventative maintenance and external projects.

  • Spearheaded various improvement initiatives, including establishing 24/7 equipment maintenance group that significantly improved patient issue response time.
  • Implemented new preventative maintenance system and enhanced hospital equipment tracking through evaluation and validation Footprint software.
  • Conceptualized, executed and maintained maintenance procedures for all equipment, significantly increasing consistency and quality.
  • Successfully constructed new buildings and provided expertise to evaluate installed systems.
  • Efficiently monitored building systems including Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Plumbing, HVAC and Security using UHL energy management system.
  • Developed inventory control system in collaboration with outside vendor that enriched quality by evaluating housekeeping and maintenance supplies and orders.
  • Formulated and sustained strong relationships with external vendors/contractors to ensure efficiency in work flow.
  • Designed, reviewed and updated policies and procedures and established strict guidelines to ensure that all aspects of health, safety and risk management were strictly adhered to.
  • Passed 3 external Joint Commission accreditation surveys.

Owner / Operator


Seamlessly oversaw all aspects pertaining to the management of 4 duplexes and 4 single-family homes, ensuring that all facilities were maintained at the highest standards. Proactively addressed tenant requests and ensured all inquiries were addressed in a timely manner. Adequately resolved issues utilizing a high level of empathetic listening and diplomacy.

  • Conducted maintenance, proactively identifying potential issues to ensure optimal cost efficiency.
  • Identified, negotiated with and managed outside contractors and vendors, building productive relationships that enabled projects to be completed within agreed time frames.
  • Leveraged strong customer service skills to build relationships with tenants and prospective tenants.
  • Directed all administrative aspects of facilities/property management including budget planning and management, basic account maintenance and documentation.

Customer Engineer


Managed printed circuit assembly (PCA), supporting manufacturing engineering team by successfully working on new production processes and developing procedures and tooling. Delivered documentation for manufacturing and ensured delivery of high quality products to key customers within aerospace, defense, medical and telecommunications industries.

  • Rolled out various strategies to increase customer involvement including maintaining communications during and post building NFI, and setting up conference calls and meetings to evaluate and resolve issues and changes.
  • Collaborated with customers and project team leaders to convert customer requirements into cost efficient factory processes, drafting project time estimates, documenting associated factory support activities and formulating timelines.

Equipment Maintenance Manager


Efficiently supported and directed an equipment maintenance department consisting of 14 electro-mechanical technicians and 2 senior inventory analysts, covering four production divisions. Managed team in performing preventative maintenance and managing projects and construction. Competently oversaw all activities, managed budgets, developed plans and monitored staff performance and quality of work.

  • Achieved quality improvement by validating Xsite system, along with designing, and facilitating training for 200 employees on system usage.
  • Migrated 1,500 items of equipment from DOS-based system to new Xsite maintenance system and established preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Monitored costs yearly by developing parts ordering system, supporting production equipment turnaround time, setting up 17 credit cards one for each cost center.
  • Designed, organized, and managed $1.5M in spare parts, significantly reducing production downtime.
  • Steered maintenance and engineering team and collaborated with outside vendor in planning and scheduling installation and setup of $10M of new equipment.
  • Passed 10 internal and 5 external audits, working in regulated class 100 clean room environment by maintaining 1% humidity for building lithium batteries, and meeting critical specifications.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Prairie View A&M University


Proficient in a variety of maintenance and utility management systems

Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint

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