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Senior Research Investigator with nine years pharmaceutical R&D experience. Extensive preclinical drug discovery experience in functions ranging from target identification and HTS to assay development, lead optimization and preclinical pharmacology. A proven record of successful internal and external collaboration. A natural teacher and a demonstrated leader in mentorship and professional development of direct reports and colleagues. Broad experience in vivo, in vitro and HTS in academia, government and pharma/biotech settings. Ph.D. and postdoctoral research focused on glucocorticoid physiology, including gene expression, molecular endocrinology and steroid biochemistry. Pharmaceutical research has focused on targets in Endocrine Oncology, Immunity/ Inflammation, Asthma/Allergy, Metabolic Diseases.

Work experience

Jan 2009Jan 2010

Research Investigator ( Sr.Research Investigator)

Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Strategic planner •Educated colleagues on the scientific merits of different targets. •Evaluated the scientific merit and progress of research programs. •Planned the critical path of discovery of multiple programs. •Prioritized resource allocation for the research collaboration. •Aided the realization of multiple $500K milestone payments from GSK and the promise of a $4 million milestone in 2010. Program Scientific Lead Lead 3 different lead optimization programs through the phases of early drug discovery. -Drove programs toward critical go/ no go decision points based on scientific merit and strategic fit. •Coordinated the efforts of diverse teams across organizations increasing the cost- effectiveness of research resource usage. Manager and Co- Planner of Departmental Operating Budget Supervisor for Junior and Senior-Level Research Scientists •Guided research of senior level, highly independent scientists. Coached on scientific communication, positioning them for visibility and promotion. •Designed and guided research of junior scientists, developing their independence and scientific interpretation skill to increase value as a research associate. •Supervised assay development and screening for, and interpreted the data from, three ultra-high throughput screening (UHTS) campaigns.
Apr 2008Dec 2008

Principal Scientist

Pharmacopeia, Inc.

I am a Research Scientist in Drug Discovery focused on a broad range of targets to meet unmet medical needbut in particular, focus on immnunity/inflammation and allergy/ asthma. My work focuses on the preclinical aspects of the drug discovery process, from target validation up through nomination of a clinical candidate. This work continued in my appointment at Ligand Pharmaceuticals, who acquired Phamrmacopeia in December 2008.

Oct 2000Apr 2008

Sr Research Investigator

Bristol Myers Squibb
Supervised junior and senior-level researchers •Guided the research of several senior-level, highly independent scientists, optimizing their productivity. Coached senior scientists on their scientific communications, positioning them for visibility and promotion in the company. •Designed and guided the research of junior level scientists, developing their independence and scientific interpretation skills and increasing their value as research associates. Drove three programs toward critical go/ no go decision points based on scientific merit and strategic fit, contributing to the evolution of the therapeutic area portfolios. Professional Mentor •Enhanced diversity and employee retention at BMS as a formal mentor for the BMS Connections Program. •Mentored 7 cross- functional employees (including marketing, sales and R & D). •Informal mentor for many other research associates and junior investigators, furthering corporate core values of professional development and enhancing employee retention. Coordinator/ Point Person: BMS Oncology/ Immunology Collaboration with IGBMC, Strasbourg France •Enhanced the working dynamic of a diverse transatlantic group of scientists by improving frequency and consistency of communication. •Bridged differences in professional agendas using the common scientific bond. Manager of BMS Endocrine Oncology in vivo group •Optimized schedules and personnel assignments in a matrix environment ensuring coverage of in vivo needs of multiple programs with minimal personnel. •Improved the morale of the in vivo team by assuring equitable assignments. •Provided the team an opportunity for enhanced learning of technical skills. Author of Animal Testing Method Protocols for Use by Veterinary Science Group •Wrote animal testing method protocols of sufficient quality and compliance that were adopted for use by other investigators, resulting in increased efficiency. Supervised the use of these ATMS by in vivo personnel.

Postdoctoral IRTA Fellow

My postdoctoral research focused on the signal transduction mechanisms involved in steroid receptor signaling.


May 2009Jul 2009

Stage 1 New Pathways to Teaching in NJ

Jersey City University

Alternate Route Teacher Training Program

Substitutes for  full time mentor requirment in classroom during first 20 days of classroom teaching

Focuses on classroom management and teaching techiniques



State University of New York at Buffalo


Classroom and laboratory teaching experience
Classroom instructional expereince as college Biology laboratory instructor and lecturer.