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I offer knowledge in high level programming. Also, I can program for Andorid. I know programming for OS and the modification of OS. I'm a self-taught person and I think that is necessary the knowledge of new computer tools and applications. I consider myself a hard-worker, sociable and very intelligent. I never give up with the difficulties and I always try to do the work the better I can. My objective is start to work in Europe or North America.

Final Degree Project

Multiplatform Hardware Counters User Interface

The aim of this project consists on develop a multi-platform tool that allows performance monitoring by means of the use of hardware counters available in modern processors.

The portability to other architectures, as well as other operative systems and kernel versions, is the main difference behind other similar solutions.

A modular tool has been designed to facilitate its portability to other systems with different hardware counters set. Moreover, the operative system dependencies have been is isolated by kernel modules using which avoid any target platform dependencies.


MARK:  10/10


Sep 2006Sep 2012

Computer Engineering

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Work experience

Sep 2007Apr 2010

Courses Coordinator

Garben Consultores


Java, C, C++, C#, Prolog, PHP, Visual Basic, etc.
Apache Web Server.
Apache Web Server.
Apache Web Server.
Apache Web Server.
Dreamweaver CS5
Dreamweaver CS5.
Dreamweaver CS5
Dreamweaver CS5.
Oracle. MySQL.
Eclipse IDE (Advanced). JCreator(Advanced). NetBeans(Advanced).
Office Software
Office Software (Advanced).
Windows y Linux (Administrator).