Guillermo Guzman

  • Kunming 29

Tourist guide/Teacher/Musician

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2012 - Sep 2013

Tourist guide

Me and my girlfriend worked as tourist guides in  Spain taking chinese tourists to see famous historical places such as “la Alhambra” in Granada,or la “Mezquita“ in Cordoba。With authorised license we would arrange accomodation,meals and an itinerary based on what the visit would consist of。 Clients were always very satisfied。

Sep 2014 - Present

English teacher


Teach english to middle school chinese students。

Sep 2014 - Present


Play guitar, drums, sing,in different bands in many different kind of events。Weddings,house - sales,in hotels and in local pubs。



Sep 2005 - Jul 2007

Highschool + Selectividad。Grade average:8.6

Colegio Salliver

Major in science。




I can speak 4 languages. Spanish, french, english and chinese. Lived long periods of time in other countries since I was young.  Lived 4 years in england at the age of 9, 2 in France after that, and have been spending time in China coming back and forth from Spain. Have been studying chinese for 8 years.

Social and friendly character

Being the second out of 4 brothers makes you have a flexible character towards things.  


Have a standard driving license.