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Work experience

Me as an freelancer

Guilherme Cardoso

As an freelancer, i've developed some projects.

  •  - An ecommerce store of hardware products. Some components are: managent of stock, newsletters, news, costumers, orders, products, statics of sales, etc
  • - An form to a tender of Enfa. It's has an administrative area to managent all the forms sended and confirm then.



  • A web developer with 18 years old. Enjoys working in a good team environment and is prepared to reuse his skills to ensure the successful implementation of multiple projects.
  • I work with .NET framework 3.5, and i'm studying .NET MVC framework to apply in future projects. Also work to with PHP, but Microsoft technologies are my biggest challenge.
  • Enjoy participate in some communities and help others web developers. Actually i'm at and
  • In 2010, next year i'm going to finish my school degree and going to an university. Until then, i keep working as freelancer and i'm openned for new proposals.

Actually, i'm not working at any company and i'm opened for future proposals.

Recent Projects


Play guitar and piano, cinema, new technologies and my best friend Carina.


SQL Server 2005
MS Access