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.NET Software Developer with 3+ years of hands-on experience developing Win and Web (Mainly ASP.NET MVC (Core)) Enterprise applications

Following Agile Methodology and CI/CD development practices. Working in a distributed team on cloud-hosted applications.

Trying to write clean and maintainable code with domain-centric architecture, DDD, Microservices, applying SOLID principles, design patterns, best practices and unit testing the code.

Familiar with following technologies ASP.NET Core, Angular, C#, JS, xUnit , EF, Regex, Rx.NET, Sql, AWS.

Enjoy learning, debugging, browsing on sourcemaking and thecodinglove

Work experience

January 2018Present

Full-Stack Developer

March 2017 Present


TwelveSuite UG
April 2017Nov 2017

Web Developer

May 2015March 2017

 .NET Software Developer

Do So Management


Jan 2018Ongoing - Online web shop

BCC is online 
Apr 2017Jan 2018


 TwelveSuite  UG

Platform for Credit Risk(Protect), Financial Analysis(Understand) and Working Capital Management(Grow) for B2B market where businesses can Protect, Understand and Grow their business based on the TwelveSuite Methodology

Web Application is build using ASP.NET Core 2.0

Sep 2017Nov 2017

Beeline Support Community


Beeline Support Community is a web portal for clients to ask and/or answer questions related to company's products.

Web Application is build using ASP.NET Core 2.0. Application consists of four main layers, each organised according Screaming Architecture. Principles of Domain Driven Design, SOLID and Clean Code is applied to code base.

Apr 2017Sep 2017


Saqme.Ge is most visited real estate website in Georgia.Web application is build using ASP.NET Core, EF, Dapper.NET, PostgreSql, JQuery, Hangfire, AutoMapper, FluentValidation, AWS.SDK . Application is of N-Tier architecture. Project consists of 3 Web application, main web app, admin panel and identity server. Web Apps and databases are hosted on AWS.
Nov 2016Apr 2017

DoSo - CoshKee

descriptionCoshKee is a employees time monitoring software, which gives you ability to fully track your employees time. Information is presented as dashboards, so it's easy to understand. More information about the product could be found on website coshkee.comDemo CoshKee application is available on website
Jan 2017Mar 2017

Hospital to Emergency brigade communicator

Project aims to simplify exchanging information between emergency brigade and hospital. Project includes two android application and .NET module, used to integrate hospital's accounting software with system. Communication channel is built on top of SMS, due to the limitation of internet access in some regions of Georgia.Technically, android applications are native mobile apps, built using Java. MVP pattern is used for organizing application. Following libraries are used : Dagger2, ButterKnife, RxJava2.
Jun 2016Aug 2016

Coshkee.Com is Informational website for CoshKee product, which gives you a summary about CoshKee product features, pricing, blog, etc. Also, purchasing a product and accessing necessary deployment tools is available on website.Technically, website is build using ASP.NET MVC. Following libraries are used, Autofac as IoC Container, Entity Framework for data access, JQuery for client side.
May 2015Feb 2016

Healthcare Management System

Healthcare Management System is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage main aspects of a hospital operations.
Technically software is build using DevExpress eXpressApp Framework, XPO is used for data access.


.NET Core
Domain Driven Design
Software Architecture
Unit Testing
Regular Expressions


Sep 2013Jun 2017

The Bachelor of Computer Science

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Programming basics (95)
calculus for computer science (92)
c++ (99)
algorithms and data structures (99)
Discrete Mathematics (100)
Web design (93)
c# (100)
building algorithms (99)

Feb 2009Jun 2013

Secondary education

LEPL Kutaisi Andria Razmadze Physico-mathematical Public School N41.

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