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Work experience


Analyst, Marshaltown, Johannesburg: 007-2008 Role: To analyse spend data(Existing and expired contracts) for Eskom's Procurement and Supply Chain Management to optimize the value chain of procuring goods and services for Eskom's core and non-business by reducing the cost of procurement and supply of goods and services without compromising quality and safety. Assist the Procurement and Supply Chain Management money teams(e, g Coal Team), Strategically set benchmarks for goods and services and also to conduct internal and external analysis, and also utilizing buyers and stakeholder (users/specialists) in negotiations to conclude contracts with recommended suppliers. Produce spend data and savings monthly reports to various stakeholders as well as goods and services demand management analysis and reports.

Commercial Crime Analyst

Commercial Crime Analyst, Vorna Valley, Midrand: Role: Develop new and enhance current tactical, operational and strategic Crime Risk Information products, with analysis focus on the following crime types: Application fraud on account types: Cheque Card Debit Card Credit Card Personal Loan Vehicle Asset Finance Homeloan E-Crime Developing forecasting models across data streams or products and enhance existing or creating new analytical/capturing processes. By reviewing and enhancing existing tactical and strategic products. Review and unpack SABRIC Crime Repository; understand the source and data integrity across all product spectrum to produce tactical, operational, detection and reduction of commercial banking crime; use and maintain SABRIC Crime Risk Repository by initiating changes/enhancement and new development and other data sources to produce automated recurring reports.

Fraud Analyst Manager

Standard Bank
Fraud Analyst Manager, Marshaltown, Johannesburg: Role: Prediction, prevention and detection of fraudulent transactions and mitigation of fraud losses, through best in class techniques and technology as well as optimising processes. To reduce losses by increasing recoveries through effective Chargebacks, liability shift and asset recovery strategies as well as efficient reporting to external vendors. Effectively manage potential risk and losses from identified compromised information. Ensure proper communication and implementation of next best action as well as efficient control measures. To develop and deliver data management, data mining, analytic and, behaviour profiling in order to support relevant stakeholder. Ensuring effective management of Suspected Transaction Identification and Reporting and regulatory surveillance.

Credit Analyst

Standard Bank
Credit Analyst, Marshaltown, Johannesburg: Role: Provide value added services to support Homeloans Business in reducing bad debts and Provisions for homeloans Credit Portfolio, by strategically analysing the total Applications(Originations) and History(Accounts Management) books for homeloans; thereafter implement Customer's Characteristics and Policy rules on the Scorecard to either improve the existing scorecards' efficiency or to assists in building new scorecards. Validating and monitoring existing scorecards in homeloans portfolio as well as conducting ad hoc request analysis from business and to produce monthly reports for various stakeholders. Analytical tools that were used in Credit Risk and Strategy Analytics are: SAS, Microsoft Excel, Experian Portfolio Reporting Studio(PRS) and Strategy Design Studio.




University Of Witwatersrand

University Of Witwatersrand