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Developer/Engineer/Computer Technology Specialist with extensive debugging skills and a lifelong learner who will always be on the cutting-edge of  Science and Technology.

  • Full Stack Website development including Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP driven pages
  • Unix/Linux Shell Scripting: BASH, Ruby, Perl, MATLAB
  • Known Computer Languages: C, C++, Java, Javascript, Fortran, R
  • Ruby-on-Rails Website Development/Deployment and life-cycle support. 
  • Equally adept with mixed UNIX/Linux, Windows, and Apple OS-X environments. 

Work experience

Nov. 2016Jan 2017


  • QA Test/Debug of commercial quality avionics units
  • Firmware flashing of avionics unit subsystems
May 2012Dec 2013

Custom Social Media Site Implementer (IT Consultant)

University of Virginia
  • Social Media Site Installation: Upgraded Ubuntu cloud server slice, then installed Diaspora* Pod with NGINX Thin client/server app.
  • Provided server support for Diaspora* pod and Wordpress blogsite.(UVA Certified Vendor)
May 2009Jul 2009

Research Lab Graduate Assitant

UVA Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Provided analysis of various Sequence, Tiling Array, and Microarray Data. Researched new analysis tools for use with MicroRNA data.
  • Created new scripts (Perl and Ruby) and provided updates to existing scripts to support Microbiolgy Research Lab analysis methodologies
Oct 2003Feb 2009

Computer Systems Specialist II

University of Virginia
  • Full Stack development of PHP-based budgeting/tracking application for use by the Office of Pre-award and the Office of Post- Award for School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) using the Ruby-on-Rails development suite.
  • Design/Development/Test/Support of Web-based application that allows the upload/viewing of faculty documentation files for ABET review using PHP/MySQL technology.
  • Full stack development of PHP-based application that permits Promotion and Tenure support by allowing candidates to upload documentation and for subsequent review by department review committee members.
  •  System Administration/Webmaster of School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) website.
Dec 2000Aug 2002

Senior Software Engineer

IMC (Innovative Management Concepts)
  •  Ported legacy Java-based software with GIS API from AWT to Swing using NetBeans GUI development tool.(Java 2 Sun Certificaton)
  • System Administrator for local Charlottesville office in Windows NT/2000/XP environment.
  • Managed summer interns with various Java and C++ programming projects.
Feb 1999Nov 2000

Software Developer and Unix Systems Specialist

Value America
  •  Created Unix shell and Perl Scripts, configured Oracle database and AdServer system on Sun/Solaris hardware for retail sales website.
Mar 1997Jan 1999

Lead Programmer/System Support Specialist

Black Magic Technologies, Inc.
  • Design/Development/Test/Support of company flagship software (Icepick). Technologies used: UNIX GUI development suite(UIMX), Ansi C, C++, TCP/IP Socket Programming, SQL data migration, used Installshield for software deployment.
  • Managed several programmers.
  • Created a programmer workshop to share technical ideas.
  • Installed wired/wireless network hardware and cabling, PC based phone system, UNIX workstations and servers.
  • System Administrator for mixed Sun, Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows environment.
May 1995Mar 1997


A.S. Peskin and Co.
  • Created GUI-based computer-controlled trading system and support applications in a PC/DOS environment using Winmaker Pro (a GUI design tool).
Feb 1993Oct 1994

GUI Programmer

QED Information Systems
  • Design/Development/test of a UNIX-based real-time client/server portfolio management system.
  • Design/Development/test of X-Windows/X/Motif based GUI using 3 rd party development tools
  • Provided technical support for LAN, PC, and UNIX workstations.