Renee Lingafelter


Experienced trainer, project manager, case manager and educator seeking a career in which a wide range of skills will be utilized to meet the needs of the employer and consumer.

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2013 - Present

Early Childhood Wellness Specialist

Start Wichita, Kansas Early Childhood Wellness Specialist I am the current coordinator of the Step It Up Project which aims to implement physical activities and nutrition into the daily curriculum of the childcare program. I manage this project in fifteen childcare homes and centers per year. I lead workshops and onsite consultations for the childcare provider. I also present parent events and parent cafe to the families to improve the quality of care of children. I sit on multiple community councils in Sedgwick county and Harvey county. I also sit on the interview panel for this department. To take reservations for trainings over the phone and promote memberships. Update information in the data base.
Mar 2009 - Jul 2010


Kansas Children' s Service League
Wichita, Kansas Parent Educator This job has many different parts. 1 Teaching parenting classes to at risk families through two different curriculums, one for parents of young children and one for parents of teenagers. 2) Teaching a workshop in elementary school' s to children whose parents have gone through or are going through divorce. 3) Teaching an online course to parents who are going through a divorce about the effects divorce has on their children. 4) Teaching many different workshops in the community about many different areas in parenting.
Aug 2006 - Mar 2009


U.S. D
259 Wichita, Kansas Paraprofessional Working with children with many types of learning and physical disabilities. Also working with mainstream students in the classroom. Providing one on one time with students to help them achieve their academic and life skills goals. Youthville
Sep 2003 - May 2005

U.S. YMCA/Pleasant Valley Middle School

U.S. YMCA/Pleasant Valley Middle School
D 259/ Wichita, Kansas A.V. I. D Tutor manager Teach students organizational, logic and resource skills. Train tutors and make their work schedule.
Sep 2002 - May 2005

Recreational Leader

YMCA/Pleasant Valley Middle School
Recreational leader Organize and lead projects and field trips for the after school program.


2001 - 2005


Wichita State University