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Work experience


Ship Associate

Print and Ship Associate-FedEx 2008Denver Passport pictures, resumes, banner, copying and printing, mass advertisement, presentations. Adobe Photoshop, shipping and packaging, both domestic and international.

Private Tutor

English language tutor,-Kazan, Russia Private tutor for company manager and staff training program. Have taught conversational and technical English. Trained doctors, engineers, entrepreneur, Student Olympic game participants and volunteers, and many students. Trained individual and group students, more than 100 students.

Account Manager

Merrick Bank
Account Manager-, Pittsburgh ▪ Bank delinquency and collection department call center operation. Worked high stress, high call volume environment. Timely, professional and documented effort to recover 6 month to 6 years delinquent personal and commercial loans and credit card debt. Strict compliance with The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(FDCPA). Reconciliation and collection of delinquent accounts, negotiation and scheduling of payments on set payment dates, conflict de-escalation and assistance. Skip trace, settlements, lump sum payments, dialer operation and statistics. High confidentiality and personal data security setting.


Merrick Bank
Sales and Delivery-Coca Cola Bottling, Denver ▪ Logistics and merchandising of non-alcoholic beverages to retail outlets. CDL class A.

Maintenance Planning Associate

Maintenance Planning Associate-Home Depot Supply
Denver, CO Stone shop operation planning and maintenance scheduling for shop where 200 people worked 3 shifts, manufacturing countertops from stone and synthetic materials. Company installed countertops in custom made houses all around Denver metropolitan area and beyond. I was in charge of planning maintenance to cutting, polishing, heavy and light equipment all over the shop. Planned and arranged part and service for 20 different machineries including industrial scale air pumps, foreign made stone cutting and polishing machines, industrial scale water filtering system, shop crane upkeep, stone storage and transportation. Company also installed tiles and carpet. Worked closely with production, mechanical and installation teams to coordinate smooth operation. Installations were made in houses build by Toll Brothers, Lennar, D R Horton, and so on. As a result of house market slowdown was laid off, and then rehired to finance department to work with commercial debt and mechanical lien issues.


Managerial and Financial Accounting
▪ (3 lingual company reporting and communication setting: Uzbek, Russian, English) Monthly, quarterly, yearly local accounting and statistics reports. Intercompany settlements. Year round budgeting for tobacco planting, farmer supply and money advance payments. Harvest period warehousing and purchasing accounting and planning, inventory control and reporting. Tobacco export, customs and certification compliance. Import export insurance and rail provision.


UzDaewooAuto, Uzbekistan
Economist- ▪ Regional auto dealership headquarter for Daewoo brand cars(now Chevrolet. uz). 14 dealership and car repair stations oversight. Entity was a part of the car producing holding joint venture between South Korean Daewoo CO. and state owned auto producing and servicing company. Car sales, repair and post sales service, appraisal services, part supply, transportation and warehousing logistics. I was in charge of contracts, negotiations, estimation and planning. Land and facility sales and privatization facilitation, auctions. Annual Shareholder meeting organization and reporting. In charge of all reporting based on“ 1C” accounting software. Software Skills Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Solver Add-in:(Multivariate Regression Analysis, Simplex method, Recourse allocation and transportation; Statistical analysis and ANOVA; Time Series; Formulas and pivot tables; Graph theory and Queue) Wolfram Alpha: calculus and linear algebra, chart plotting and analysis, optimization, max(min). Mathematical model analysis and visualization. Microsoft Access: Have used in running small scale company databases, run SQL inquiries. Microsoft word and power point for paper writing and presentations(hyperlinks, templates, animation and so on). Java programming and algorithms: Java SE, Java EE and Client Server technology, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDE, dynamic data structures and algorithms, GitHub, testing and debugging. VolunteerCommunity work Teacher of ESL for immigrant families to facilitate integration, adaptation and cultural stress mitigation. Student body of about 40 people. Vatandosh Uzbek American Federation at Also organized and lead, with other finance and accounting major volunteers, an educational seminar “ Financialand running business in America. Challenges and issues to l.





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