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To work closely within a team of like-minded individuals to who I can share my expert front end development insight and lead towards creating clean, fast, and modernly secure web applications. 

Work History


Web Development Contractor

Exsto Solutions LLC
  • Worked with clients closely to fully understand their wants and needs to identify key features and services required to complete the project.
  • Designed, built, and managed multiple websites. 
  • Identified key issues in existing websites that hurt the website's performance and helped the client excel by improving their website customer experience, SEO, conversion rates, and device optimizations.
  • Performed server administration on Amazon Web Services as well as Virtual Private Servers.
  • Helped create and review user stories to provide actionable solutions to the client.
  • Worked with both new and old team alike pertaining to different clients in order to achieve their goals and targets. 
  • Extensively worked with teams of other developers to teach them new skills and methodologies.


Server Administration
  • Skilled with Unix-like operating systems, primarily Debian and CentOS.
  • Skilled with the ability to create and maintain multiple servers with individual functions such as mail daemons, databases, and typical web servers.
  • Skilled with the Unix command line and it's abilities.
  • Extremely knowledgeable in the Git version control system.
  • Facilitated in the design and development of websites offering a complex range of interactivity via Javascript including web 2.0 features such as AJAX functionality.
  • Experienced with the jQuery library and it's plugins.
  • Experienced with complex server operations utilizing the Node.JS platform.
  • Full understanding of the latest HTML5 markup and CSS3 language.
  • Experience with designing and developing templates with modern themes and design principles, including responsiveness.
  • Able to modify existing designs to be fully device responsive.
  • Excellent eye for detail and ability to exactly match the developed result to the original design.
  • Able to identify key performance and security issues in existing programs and perform the necessary upgrades to improve it.
  • Experience with multiple frameworks utilizing the MVC-based design pattern.
  • Able to create efficient, stable code with a quick turn around time.

  • Planned and executed the installation of individual MySQL servers.
  • Experience with database administration both within CLI and via user interface.
  • Knowledgeable with all commonly used operations and procedures.


Sep 2011Jun 2015

High School Diploma

Henry M. Jackson High School
  • Participated in technical training each semester.
  • Took part in a University of Washington course offered at the high school, "Fluency in Technology."
  • Played a lead role in a mentoring program in which I offered guidance and counseling to students who struggled academically.


References available upon request.