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Work experience


Manufacturing Technician II

MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN II, Set-up, operation, and preventative maintenance of Aquion's battery assembly line equipment used from start to finish and include: Laser marking systems, Schubert TLM, Automated scanning and finishing products used to weld, shear, inspect, dry finished products, lid seal equipment, and many others used in the process of adding electrolyte to complete a finished battery. Set-up, operation, and maintenance of Stokes CCS rotary press used in the pelleting of anode and cathode materials which are the critical components of Aquion Energy's Aqueous Hybrid Ion(AHI™) batteries. Editing and handling of work instructions used during production verification and validation of new products. Utilizing Aquion Energy's PLEX manufacturing cloud to balance inventory, track production issues, equipment adjustments, quality, and key performance indicators. Understanding and use of MSDS and material waste labeling. Monitoring and operation of equipment used in the mixing and synthesis of cathode powder which include calcining, mixing, pin mill, and weighing equipment. Weighing and tracking of all chemicals and materials including lithium, manganese oxide, electrolyte formula, cathode powder, anode powder, and many others. Certification and daily use of forklifts, cranes, powered jacks, and many other tools and machines used in the application of ergonomics.


MACHINIST, Setup, operation, and maintenance of powder press machines, and other equipment used in the making of silver electrical contacts and other components. Record proper transactions, update documents, and use of programs such as Microsoft Dynamics for balancing inventory of precious metals. Daily use of measurement devices such as calipers, micrometers, comparators and scales. Conduct training for new employees on machines, work instructions, and transactions. Execute procedures required for working in a secured building complete with security personnel, cameras, vaults, metal detectors, and x-ray scanners. Follow proper safety precautions standardized by OSHA and Metalor Electrotechnics.

Systems Trainer

SALES AND SYSTEMS TRAINER, Marketing campaigns for various customers including Chase Bank, Capital One, Verizon, AT&T, and many others. Finalizing of sales through various forms of computer applications. Writing and strict execution of sales scripts with audio recording. Training new employees of system applications and software. Accelerated performance in a salary plus commission based office. Multitasking skills necessary while conducting sales and running multiple computer applications simultaneously.