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Work experience

Terrarium Climate Controller

DARPA Grand/Urban Challenge
Terrarium Climate Controller Asdada Team Leader of Inertial Navigation Systems Programmed custom drivers(C++) and integrated Kearfott Miniature Integrated Land Navigation System(MILNAV) into prototype for the Autonomous All Terrain Ground Vehicle. Created custom navigation drivers in C++ and data parsing system in Perl and Python Utilized RS232 and RS422 serial communication protocols to communicate between the various black boxes within the overall vehicle control system. GPS Tracking Software Worked with a partner to design and develop GPS tracking and dispatch software intended for use by Fire & Rescue departments. Created Java based multithreaded secure socket server to act as communication hub and data logger for GPS tracking systems Programmed database and file system backend to respond to queries and push data and images to clients.

Archive Copier Mover Extractor

Archive Copier Mover Extractor ACE is a python utility that watches directories for the creation of archives(. rar,. zip, etc…) and media files and then either copies, moves, or extracts them to designated directories.

Systems Engineer

Software Systems
Systems Engineer- Programmed and tested complex networked software systems primarily using Java and Python Worked with platforms and frameworks such as Java EE, Java Swing, JGraphX, Google Test, Google Guava, and others to maintain and enhance web server based command and control system backed by complex graph based data structure to coordinate large dynamic network of clients. Created python tools to generate large graphs of mock data to simulate networks of interconnected networks. This data gets serialized to json format and sent over HTTP to a java client that renders it. Designed and set up networks spanning multiple VMs, vlans, virtual and physical routers, switches, and firewalls using vSphere
May 2015Present

Software Engineer

Applied Physical Sciences
Arlington, VA Software Engineer
Jun 2014May 2015

Systems Engineer-Radio Systems

Aspen Consulting Group
Aberdeen Proving Ground Systems Engineer-Radio Systems Responsible for the design, development and testing of embedded software in radio systems Created python based file monitoring and scheduling system for handheld military software defined radio running on a custom embedded linux system. The scheduler ran on the radio, monitored specific directories for payload files, parsed those files(generally an sqlite3 database), a nd then set a schedule of transmissions to be run automatically. Designed, built and programmed power amplifier monitoring board using an MSP430 microcontroller. The board communicated via SPI to the main radio controller and monitored amplifier and battery vitals.

Test Engineer

Exelis, Inc
Clifton, NJ Test Engineer Designed, programmed, integrated and debugged automated test software using LabVIEW to test High Power RF, Digital, and FPGA systems. Aided in the design of RF systems through the development and execution of design verification testing. Designed custom support equipment and software including timer and watchdog circuits, analog feedback, RF switching systems, and data parsing scripts as well as assisted in the design of test fixtures and CCA personality boards. Worked closely with design engineers to identify and correct design flaws and implement corrective actions Directed, supported, and instructed technicians on the use of test systems I developed, as well as aided in troubleshooting issues with test systems and units under test.