Johana Almaguer

Operations Specialist / Destination Store


To utilize my extensive Operations and Management experience in a role that would allow me to positively impact efficiency and profitability at a store, district, and company level.


  • Executed strategies and coachings for new company programs and policies.
  • Point of contact for colleagues when needed, providing guidance regarding company programs including VIIA, OMM, Iconic Portal, ORCA, MobilePOS, and NetACE.
  • Using reporting tools, discovered store opportunities and put forward necessary corrective actions by communicating and coaching store staff.
  • Developed and trained employees prior to opening the Destination Store, and worked with a team to establish the culture and practices of the team.
  • Planned, executed, and monitored operational initiatives for the Destination Store.


  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office software, with an emphasis on Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.
  • Expert use of VIIA, Web Reports, InfoManager, Simon, ORCA, and KPI Reporting.
  • Daily verbal and electronic communication with staff and colleagues with regards to company focuses.

Work experience

Work experience

Operations Specialist

Houston Destination Store

I work alongside the Operations team and management to conceive, develop, and implement the practices and strategies that become the culture of the Destination Store. Prior to opening, my responsibilities were focused on the planning, organization, and preparations of both the operational and technical pieces of the store, helping to catalog inventory as well as assemble the disruptive elements within the Lifestyle Zones. Since opening, my role has shifted to organizing and maintaining operational standards throughout the store and employees, as well as resolving any complications that arise within the operational context of the store.

Assistant Store Manager

Jun 2012 - Present
Pasadena Store

As ASM of a top ten growth location, it was my responsibility to prepare store staff for success by facilitating training for company directives so that they were fully aware of new products, policies, and procedures. To this, I utilized company resources like InfoManager and Mission Next to ensure that store staff followed proper company guidelines for efficiency and accuracy. My success in this role earned me the opportunity to represent District B in the ROC Mentor Program.

Assistant Store Manager

Dec 2010 - Jun 2012
Gulfgate Store

During my tenure at Gulfgate, I implemented and drove the Success Path initiative during the critical rollout stage, while guiding the Gulfgate store to the single highest My Verizon Express Panel percentage in District B. I also learned and then specialized in Earn The Right coaching to help develop and prepare RSR/SrRSR employees for their next career advancement.