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Work experience

May 2010Apr 2013

Project Manager

GET - Gestão de Energia Térmica, Lda

GET its a dynamic company, with offices in OPorto, Lisbon, Maputo (Mozambique), and São Paulo (Brasil).I was attracted to GET for the its innovative approach on energy efficient solutions, the size of the projects and possibility to work with world renowned architects. From the time I came to GET, I already designed the HVAC systems for 4 hotels between 9000m2 and 11500m2, being one of them designed by the Pritzker prized Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.My job as an Engineer and Project Manager at GET fully covers all aspects of design and execution of the HAVC system, from defining the solutions with architects, equipments selection, design of the solutions in 3D and to the final construction technical assistance, being also responsible to verify applied regulations and submit buildings to energy certifications.Coming to a company with 25 years experience I came to reinforce the technical staff of the Lisbon office, but with previously acquired experience, I implemented from the start new tools that facilitated dimensioning and gave the ability to design systems that can reduce the HVAC energy consumption.

Mar 2009Apr 2010

HVAC Department Manager

Joule - Projectos, Estudos e Coordenação, Lda

At Joule I responsible for coordinating the HVAC department, where I was project manager/designer and had one draughtsman.Joule was the company where I developed the integration with the activity of Project Engineer at all levels, from the first contact with the client to evaluate its needs, passing through the systems definition, coordination of the HVAC with architecture and all other building infrastructures, loads determination, equipments dimensioning and writing the HVAC specifications for construction.At this position I also started to make technical assistance of the HVAC construction, analysing construction proposals and checking project alternatives.To improve project quality I implemented new software tools to make the project design in 3D.Because Joule was a company specialized no electric infrastructures, I started to cooperate with colleges to design also the BMS solutions, being responsible for the HVAC BMS infrastructure.

Jul 2007Mar 2009

HVAC Project Developer

EACE - Engenheiros Associados, Consultores em Engenharia, Lda

In this work I learned to design HVAC systems and and all the regulatory implications needed around it.At first I was responsible to determine heating and cooling load requirements, ventilation requirements, coming then to select equipments and define systems.This was my fist experience in HVAC, so this was a fast learning experience, however I showed strong academic knowledge and quickly started to present solutions and being responsible for small projects, until I was in charge of designing bigger projects and being responsible for a small team of  draughtsman according to each project.

Nov 2003Jul 2007

Personal tutor


Since I was finishing my graduation and during the post graduation program I was a personal tutor for several university subjects, namely: math, physics, hydraulics, thermodynamics

Mar 2005Dec 2006


Laboratory of Thermofluids, Combustion and Energy Systems - IN+ - Center for Inovation, Technology and Policy Research

Having achieved some good results in some subjects at university, I started making research even before finishing the graduation, and I received a scholarship to research from the MINKNOCK project when graduated, a project from the EU with the direction of Diamler Chrysler and participation of IST, AVL, Instituto Motori, Lund Institute of Technology, Ford, ITV and Shell, in which it was intended to minimize the knock effect on internal combustion engines.



Manuel Silvestre Guerreiro

Coming from a family with a long history in mechanics, my first job was with my own father, where a wide range of activities were held, like engines repair, vehicles maintenance, farm equipments construction, etc.


Sep 2005Apr 2008

Masters Postgraduate

Instituto Superior Técnico

Masters (previous to Bologna process) in Mechanical Engineering (specialized Energy Studies).

This was a post-graduation course focused on disciplines like Energy Resources, CFD, Turbulence and Experimental Analysis.These were subjects that interested me a lot, following an education directed to energy studies.

Sep 1998Jul 2004


Instituto Superior Técnico

MEng. (named “Licenciatura” previous to Bologna process) in Mechanical Engineering (specialized in Thermodynamics).

This was a 5 year graduation program in engineering, in which I achieved to be one of the top 5% students in the course and being invited to make research ever before graduation.

Thermodynamics was the area that most captivated me because of its tight relation to energy management.


PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry
MS Project
Microsoft Office
Autocad MEP


Portuguese Chartered Engineer

"Ordem dos Engenheiros"

Gas systems design


Presentations in Conferences

Research Presentations

University Projects

3D Design


  • Energy resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Industrial processes
  • Industrial refrigeration

Language Skills

  • Portuguese: Native
  • English: Fluent in reading, writing and speech
  • French: Basic in reading, writing and speech

Complementary Education

Building's thermal insulation expert's course (RCCTE regulation)

Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

October 2009 - Oeiras, Portugal

Gas systems design

Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

June 2010 - Oeiras, Portugal

Solar-thermal systems design


November 2010 - Lisboa, Portugal

Leadership and team management

Instituto Superior Técnico

April 2011 - Lisboa, Portugal

Building acoustics Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

June 2012 - Oeiras, Portugal

Buildings thermal insulation (RCCTE regulation's expert course)

Project Development and Supervision

• BMS • Smoke control • Building acoustics

• HVAC installations including tasks:

  • Heating and cooling load calculation
  • Ventilation load calculation
  • Plant design
  • Equipment selection and specification
  • Ducts and pipping systems dimensioning
  • Solar thermal systems dimensioning

• HVAC Construction Supervision

Other Software Skills

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidWorks









July 2012Remodeling  of the building in "Beco do Espírito Santo", 12-14

Lisbon, PortugalArchitects: Atelier do Chiado

Area: 300m2

Responsibilities: Ventilation, Thermal Insulation Certification

May 2012 Hotel Twist Inn Reserva Real

Jaboticatubas, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Architects: Design Resorts S.A.

Area: 10800m2

Responsibilities: HVAC

May 2012 Hotel Twist Inn Conselheiro Lafaiete

Conselheiro Lafaiete, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Architects: Design Resorts S.A.

Area: 9000m2

Responsibilities: HVAC

November 2011

Alila Roncão Hotel

Reguengos de Monsaraz, PortugalArchitects: Victor Mestre | Sofia Aleixo Arquitectos S.A.

Area: 10400m2

Responsibilities: HVAC, Energy certification

March 2011Hotel Hilton do Bom Sucesso 

Óbidos, PortugalArchitects: Souto Moura Arquitectos S.A.

Area: 11500m2

Responsibilities: HVAC, Energy certification

September 2010Conversion of an old factory into an Office Center 

Marinha Grande, PortugalArchitects: Roberto Cremascoli, Edison Okumura e Marta Rodrigues Arquitectos, lda

Area: 5700m2

Responsibilities: HVAC, Energy certification

April 2010Conversion of the Alvito's old Factory to residences

Lisbon, PortugalArchitects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

Area: 2700m2

Responsibilities: HVAC, Thermal Insulation Certification

March 2010Remodeling of the Jorge Peixinho Secondary School

Montijo, Portugal (Government program)Architects: Oficina Ideias em Linha – Arquitectura e Design, Lda

Area: 12200m2

Responsibilities: HVAC

January 2010Remodeling  of the building in "Travessa das Flores", 18-20

Lisbon, PortugalArchitects: Atelier do Chiado

Area: 200m2

Responsibilities: Ventilation, Thermal Insulation Certification

December 2009Remodeling of the of the office building in "Av. Casal Ribeiro", 50

Lisbon, PortugalArchitects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

Area: 3600m2

Responsibilities: HVAC

August 2009Remodeling of the Diogo Gouveia Secondary School

Beja, Portugal (Government program)Architects: Arq. Pedro Viana Botelho

Area: 10300m2

Responsibilities: HVAC

April 2010

Office building in "Av. da Liberdade", 247

Lisbon, PortugalArchitects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

Area: 3300m2

Responsibilities: HVAC

Participation in the projetcs:

  • "Hospital de Cascais", Cascais (Portugal)
  • "Hospital de São João" - South East section, OPorto (Portugal)
  • Camacha swiming pool, Madeira (Portugal)
  • "Estreito da Câmara de Lobos" swiming pool, Madeira (Portugal)
  • Cascais Decathlon, Cascais (Portugal)
  • Faro's "Feira Nova" supermarket, Faro (Portugal)
  • Fatima's "Feira Nova" supermarket, Fatima (Portugal)
  • Covilhã's "Recheio" supermarket, Covilhã (Portugal)
  • Food service building for the "Instituto Politecnico de Setúbal", Setúbal (Portugal)
  • Food service central for the "Feira Nova" supermarkets distribution, Odivelas, (Portugal)
  • "Cascade Resort" Hotel, Lagos (Portugal)
  • "Viva Marinha" Hotel, Cascais (Portugal)
  • "Parque Palácio" apartment building, Estoril (Portugal)
  • "Alfraparque - Lt A" office centre, Alfragide (Portugal)
  • "Alfraparque - Lt I" office centre, Alfragide (Portugal)
  • Parede's nursing home, Parede (Portugal)
  • "Logoplaste" office centre, Cascais (Portugal)
  • "Campolide XXI" office centre, Lisbon (Portugal)
  • "Vila Utopia" residences, Oeiras (Portugal)
  • "Cabanas Golf" residences, Oeiras (Portugal)
  • "Parque dos Poetas" park infrastructures, Oeiras (Portugal)
  • "Jeronymo" coffee shops, several shopping centres (Portugal)
  • "Chilli's" restaurant and "Jeronymo" coffee shop, Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Restelo's "Jeronymo" restaurant, Lisboa (Portugal)
  • "H3" restaurants, several shopping centres (Portugal)
  • "Hussel" shops, several shopping centres (Portugal)
  • Lobito's Hotel, Lobito (Angola)
  • "Banco de Portugal" food service in Rossio, Lisbon, (Portugal)
  • Remodeling of the Sá Carneiro's airport air gate waiting area, OPorto (Portugal)
  • "Primus" bank branches, OPorto, Lisbon and Faro (Portugal)
  • BPA's bank branches, several locations (Angola)
  • RTP's gates remodeling, Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Moledo's residence, Moledo (Portugal)
  • Lisbon's Symphony Orchestra headquarters, Lisbon (Portugal)