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Sep 2012Jun 2016

BA Finance Accounting and Management

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Core modules include corporate finance, management and accounting and macroeconomic for business and marketing strategy.

The degree provides a comprehensive undergraduate education in finance and accounting, coupled with a fully integrated understanding of the theory and practice of management in different organisations. In particular, the degree provides a strong interdisciplinary core of material in accounting and finance theory and practice, focusing on the modern firm and its financial environment.


Campus Activity

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Team Leader

Being selcted as the team leader (president) of TEDxUNNC through anonymous vote process. Sucessfully organizing the third year event named “INFINITUS”. Eight speakers were the expert in different careers including famous photographer and well-known care racer.Nearly 250 audience are involved. The whole event-preparation was led by me lasts for three months. Core teammates are amount to 17 people, volunteers are not included.
Sep 2013Dec 2013

Team Coordinator

Selecting and inviting speakes. Negotiating with them for the speech content and providing them advice for public speech (gesture, outline and body language). Recruiting new members including international students and them to fully participate in this team by basic team-training about the structure and working process. etc


Jul 2014Sep 2014

Assistant for Investment Consultant

Dajin Investment Company

This position mainly focus on targeting gold-trading trend in London market and providing daily trading advice for clients. Also it requries to predict the price-changing trend based on the information about essential economic index and policitical news. 

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Accounting Assistant

Hainan Power Suppy Bureau

Assistant in daily transaction-recording, collating basically financial invoice (files) and financial statement-preaparing such as trimestral  balance sheet.

Apr 2014Jul 2014

Business Consultant


Foxconn, one of the top 500 companies in the world, planned to penetrate in the online business market.  I was elected in the business consultant team led by Dr. Liu for solving this Foxconn case. Research area includes consumer behaviour analysing, business model creation and  possible applications of big-data.


Positive Attitude towards high-pressure work
Being good at time management and self-constriant so that I can arrange complex work pieces properly within my energy limits. Furthermore, being an intern in Foxconn company and the organiser of TEDxUNNC annual event, I was required to handle and deal with problems in different areas in a short time.
Team-working and Leadership
Quite familiar with team working pattern due to the enough experience about group essay projects in the past two years and Foxconn consultant team working. These experience help me learn more about collaboration skills including self-responsible, respect, communication and the willingness to understand others' thoughts. As for the leadership being a leader in the team TEDxUNNC and successfully organizing an annual event in the third year encourage me become more responsible, self-constraint and have the ability to motivate team members to act as what I demand.
English skills in speaking reading and writing.
University of Nottingham is an English medium university which requires all students are taught in English. All projects and assessments are strictly conducted and supervised by the tutors according to the Britian education system.
TIme management and Deadline Control
Involvement in two extra modules during the third year which are about career planning, in the meantime, leading in team TEDxUNNC, yoga club and my study taught me the importance of balancing my own life and make weekly plan for prioritizing the commitments.
Effective Communication
Being an intern in Foxconn Company which provides me the opportunity to work with different parties as long as who may have chance to have willingness to be involved into this online-travelling market. Such as, travel agency, Foxconn project teammates, experts in information technology (big data area) and professional business consultant.
Competent in the use of Microsoft package. Familiar to the video-editing software such as Corel Vdieo and After Effect. Accurate and fast typing skill.