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BS of Chemical Engineering/State Certified Engineer/PMP/5 years design experiences in a State-owned Grade A Chemical Engineering Design Institute/4 years experiences in various areas (Production, Engineering and R&D) in Nestle/7 years project management experiences in Effem including building of a new factory from Greenfield/Awarded as Engineering Star because of CIP for the existing plant/

Engineering Manager of Syngenta Biotechnology (China) Company Limited

Work experience

Engineering Manager

Syngenta Biotechnology China Company Limited

1) Establish company policies as a member of company management team

2) Build engineering team

3) Preparation, planning, execution and close-out of temporary and permanent R&D center

4) Be responsible for operation and maintenance for future new site


Project Manager

Effem Foods (Beijing) Company Limited

Responsibility: Preparation, planning, execution and close-out of projects characterized as “CAB Projects”, which have high complexity, high exposure, high business risks and/or high environmental impact.

1) Achieve project objectives (quality, time and budget) and defined expectations from project feasibility study phase to start up phase of the project

2) Translate the “Business Needs” into a project approach; defining, documenting and securing the Project Execution Plan and Contracting Strategy

3) Control project cost estimating, planning/scheduling, project benchmarking, effective cost control/forecasting, effective project progress, contracting/procurement-plans, cash flow management and financial status of the project

4) Develop and implement Project Quality Control and Assurance.

5) Build needed project team, in cooperation with resource providers

6) Manage the project interfaces with all parties involved, including internal and external communication and transfer of relevant project data according to a communication plan.

7) Manage a number of projects simultaneously 8) Safeguard EHS requirements during a project lifecycle 9) Lead the continuous improvement projects for the existing production lines 10) Responsible for coaching of team members

Achievement: 1) 3,000 tonne/year Eclairs Plant 2) 8,000 tonne/year Skittles Plant 3) Integrated Petcare Factory (from Feasibility Study Phase to Start-up of New Factory) 4) Engineering Star (Award) --Continuous Improvement for the existing Petfood Plant --WHISKAS Product Improvement with SPF PE

5) Others


Technical Support Manager/Utility Engineer/Production Supervisor

Nestle Shuangcheng Company Limited

Responsibility: Technical Support Manager1)Deploy global/regional innovation projects to Nestle China business unit, as technical project leader

2) Plan and deliver projects

3) Develop and manage Recipe and Process Specifications of Raw Material and Finished Product

4) Responsible for Process development work and Factory trials

5) Support Marketing and supply chain from technical part

6) Lead the continuous improvement work for the existing production lines

Utility Engineer 1) Manage all site utilities and maintain all the key utilities in optimal status2) Perform and manage utility projects to modify site utilities capacity 3) Perform energy saving activity 4) Help to set a long-term maintenance strategy and set PM schedule and take the responsibility of its implementation5) Set annual based training program, identify necessary working skills and expertise for all team members, direct and coach their day-to-day operation6) Responsible for all SOP/ emergency execution procedure writing/ updating and technical documentation collecting 7) Prepare and submit annual based spare parts plan, help to integrate departmental capital expenditure plan8) Establish and maintain good relationship with local authority and all key suppliersProduction Supervisor

1) Organize, carry out & track production plan to ensure completion of production volume in right time

2) Monitor and track production procedure to ensure product quality, and achieve the quality target

3) Continue to reduce the material loss rate

4) Implement regular Safety & Security inspection to ensure that no accident happens during production

5) Propose and establish training program, as well as monitor and train subordinates to improve the employees' techniques and overall performance level to build a successful team with responsibility, enthusiasm and creativity

6) Drive user fixer program and implement routine equipment maintenance

7) Collaborate with other functions to ensure smooth operation in line with site target

Achievement: Technical Support Manager1) Nesvita output is increased by 10%(420-460 kg/hr) 2) FIS027 Cereal Base (Big Flakes) output is increased by 20%(350-420 kg/hr) 3) Milk Rice output is increased by 25%(460-570 kg/hr)

4) Others Utility Engineer 1) 40 m3/day (2%--16%) Sludge Dewatering System 2) 1,700 kW Refrigeration System Improvement 3) 460 m3/hr Cooling Water System Expansion

4) Others


Chemical Engineering Process Engineer

Heilongjiang Chemical Engineering Design Institute


1) Calculation of Mass, Heat and Energy balances

2) Design of Flowsheet, Layout, Piping, Pipe support , Equipment list, Pipe installation list, Material list, Insulation list, Anti corrosion list and Process description

3) Submission of design requirements for other departments, Utility, E&C, Building…

4) Problem solving on site during the execution phase of project


1)10,000 tonne/year Sorbitol Project in Mudanjiang Pharmaceutical Factory2)20,000 tonne/year Synthetic Ammonia Expansion Project in Shuangcheng Fertilizer Factory 3)1,000 tonne/year Vitamin C Project in Mudanjiang Pharmaceutical Factory 4)Ten Million PCs/y Injection Norfloxacini Expansion Project in No.4 Pharmaceutical Factory of Harbin




Dalian University of Technology