NEWS: My journal paper : "Non-rigid Shape Recognition for Sign Language Understanding" was accepted for publication: I'm working on a novel technique for short time-series analysis. BEST PAPER award at the WSEAS SMO -09 International Conference on Simulation, Modeling and Optimization, (3-5 Sept. 2009, Budapest) with the work: "Shape Recognition for Irish Sign Language Understanding", by L. Vladutu. My first BOOK was published by VDM Publishing House, based on my PhD work: Title: COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE METHODS ON BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL ANALYSIS AND DATA MINING IN MEDICAL RECORDS STUDIES: - BSc with Honors (Computer Science), major in Hardware; -M.Sc. and PhD in a joint program of Athens & Patras Universities (GREECE) in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. - Postdoc in MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) in the field of micro-array processing - Since November 2005 I joined School of Computing in Dublin City University (DCU) as my second Postdoctoral Fellowship. That's where I work currently being in an advanced phase of developing an original procedure for Sign-Language recognition. Reviewer for 1) IEEE- Transactions on Neural Networks ; 2) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine; 3) Pattern Recognition; 4) IEEE Trans. on System, Man & Cybernetics; 5) Signal Processing. Also did a lot of reviews for many conference papers. I wrote 8 journal articles and many conference papers. WORK EXPERIENCE: Design engineer (at S.C. ROMANIA S.A. aka AEIC S.A.) -a company that I've created initially with a few of my colleagues from - National Research Institute for Automation).

Work experience

Work experience

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dublin City University
1997 - 2004

Ph.D. Student

University of Patras
1991 - Sep 1997

Researcher (full time), Share holder, Member of the Board

Design and turn-on-key-delivery for complex systems for automation & control in industry (energetic, chemical).
Mar 1988 - Jul 1991


I worked n design, turn-on-key delivery of data acquisition boards, and industrial computer boards (designed by IPA - National Research Institute for Automation) in Romania.


2004 - 2005


Medical University of South Carolina
2000 - 2004


Panepistimion Patron
1997 - 1999


Panepistimion Patron
1982 - 1997


Universitatea din Craiova