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C-level executive with creative passion, insight and endless energy with an extensive background in cross-industry business settings from start ups through to Fortune 500. Significant experience in entrepreneurial ventures, small business management consulting and corporate leadership roles.


Proven track record of successful business growth in the areas of product design/development, manufacturing, sales, finance and operations. Career accomplishments include product and service brand business formation, building revenue, revitalization, enhancing equity, creating value add opportunities, initiating strategic business planning and driving actionable implementation and change.


Broad senior level strategic planning and operations, turnarounds, marketing, communication, public relations and media capabilities with a proficiency in visioning and creating brand and sub brand architecture. Global market experience in consumer products, wholesale, retail, action sports, apparel, footwear and luxury goods.


A leadership style distinguished by an ability to identify business strengths and growth opportunities while creating lasting relationships, motivating, collaborating with and energizing others to repeatedly achieve clear and directed results.

STRENGTHS Personal strengths encompass vision, proficient strategic awareness of the competitive environment and keen business acumen all based upon a non-compromising integrity. Key performance parameters include achievement-driven, communication, connectedness, discipline and responsibility.


Near term career goals include continued building of consumer products and service brand businesses in new industries, as well as transferring previous demonstrated professional successes and creative abilities into the science and technology areas. An ultimate professional goal is to oversee the incubation of multiple venture companies in select global growth sectors, create a broad base of diversified assets and build a portfolio of proprietary brands for growth and development in both private and public markets. 

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Contract CEO

eCor Global

As part of the second generation renewal of this technology (Gridcore Systems International, Inc., the first) , the role and responsibilities are targeted as follows:

·Report to the Board of Directors/Chairman of the Board

·Profit and Loss

·Budgeting, Finance and Funding

·Corporate Financial Strategy, Procedures and Controls

·Organizational Development

·Corporate Governance Management

·      Operations/Administration

·Human Resources (HR)

·Strategic/Business Alliances

·Leadership in the business development (BD) strategy 

·Technology and Intellectual Property Development

·Business Plan Development and Execution

·Coordination of market investigation, analyses and market data collection

·Go-to-market and Sales Plan development and implementation

·Organizing internal BD communications and management of Sales Pipeline

·BD contact collection, compilation, organization and data management

·Outreach: FYI newsletter, blogging, articles, email blasts, sponsoring, other

·Tracking and vetting contacts and leads

·Tracking and vetting conferences, forums, speaking opportunities, etc.

·Website Development

·PR: Consultant management, press Releases, advertising, interviews

·Management of production/distribution of marketing materials / collaterals

·Other BD, marketing, PR, outreach, networking, presentations

·Other activities normally the responsibility of a President

Feb 2009Present

Executive Consultant

James Torti, Ph.D.

Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development, for individuals or groups seeking to grow and enrich their business. Advising independent contractors, employees or new business owners on speed to market opportunities, while assuring most economic and efficient approaches.

May 2000Present


Torti Brand Architecture & Consulting

Principal consultant and advisor creating brand and business architecture for startup ventures, as well as

reorganizing and reinvigorating well established companies. Select engagements include Graham Downes Architecture, Inc., Chevron, Patagonia, Water Girl, Pearl Izumi, Gridcore Systems International, Inc., Manrico Cashmere, Swatch, Crunch, Earnware and Xanadu Surf Design.

  • Revamped product sales and marketing, modifying pricing structures and focusing distribution in a $22M eco industrial panel venture;
  • Created a bundled, subscription package, selling system for a web-based marketing company that contributed to 15% increase in revenue over a period of six months; 
  • Implemented a premium, branded pricing subscription service that increased the demand and desirability of the technical products and moved away from commodity positioning and competition;
  • Increased per square foot selling pricing from .95/sq.ft to $1.87/sq.ft and in come cases, $2.50/sf within a six month period which resulted in generating critical revenue and contributing substantial higher margin international product sales;
  • Achieved a 26% increase in accounts receivable collection which generated critical cash flow and shortened production lead times by 12% in a eco manufacturing company;
  • Refocused company resources to revitalize key private sector and government accounts including 3M, GE and the United States Postal Service;
  • Repositioned a $6M retail service business with stagnant sales and profits into a premium service organization adding an additional profit center and raising the overall profile which resulted in increased revenues, revitalized staff and new customer acquisition.
Sep 2004Sep 2009


Blokhaus Development LP

Independent Consultant/Co-Founder/Principal urban commercial real estate development and construction group targeting adaptive reuse projects and other value add opportunities. Day to day operation focused primarily in acquiring distressed commercial properties in urban fringe environments and repositioning them. The group integrates the design and construction improvements, development entitlements, turnkey leasing, property and asset management functions.

  • Grew a proprietary commercial real estate development group from a single $1.5M property to a portfolio of projects valued over $40M;
  • Raised $3M in creative financing capital that critically funded the renovation and development of an urban adaptive reuse project that would have otherwise not been financed;
  • As an independent contractor, seamlessly managed property acquisitions, banking/financing, investor relations, leasing, property management, communications and daily operations;
  • Spearheaded the property management and customer care initiatives that elevated the level of service, responsiveness and quality of relationships with tenants, vendors and other key stakeholders.
Jan 2000Feb 2009

Executive Management Consultant

Graham Downes Architecture, Inc.

Chief Executive Consultant for aprofessional architecture and design service firm specializing in hospitality, retail and commercial projects that started with 12 staff and $1 million in gross revenues and grew to over 75 staff in two offices.

  • Grew the firm from under $1M in top line revenue in a single industry on a limited, project basis, through to $8M in multiple practice areas in five years expanding to full-time commitment;
  • Provided firm enrichment to managers and staff through content development, coaching, mentoring, support and annual retreats, business meetings and refresh events;
  • Developed a manager/director infrastructure that reorganized a single-leader focus while reinventing service delivery and client care setting the foundation for firm expansion;
  • Created the acquisition opportunity for a Las Vegas firm, while reorganizing, integrating and rebuilding the business from a negative $1M+ in debt position to a $1M positive revenue;
  • Initiated public relations initiatives including press releases, client advisories, advertising, marketing materials, publications and online marketing resulting in national and international key placements.


Bhaus Media LLC

Co-founded this multi-media creative agency providing graphic design, web, brand/marketing, 3D modeling, advertising and packaging from cross-industry small to medium sized companies.

  • Provided executive leadership and consulting support to the operating principal;
  • Created design and production of all aspects of visual marketing needs, including print ads, publications and web site development for both consumer and professional service clients;
  • Led the business development initiatives in client acquisition and formulating RFP/proposals.
Nov 1999Jul 2001

VP/GM Sport Division

Ralph Lauren Footwear

Vice President/General Manager for the sport division of Ralph Lauren Footwear, a licensed division of Reebok International Limited with responsibility for overall P&L management of the $53 million RLX, Polo Sport Active and Polo Sport Golf footwear brand division businesses.

  • Managed product design, development, sales and marketing while working closely with Polo Ralph Lauren corporate team including Ralph Lauren;
  • Revitalized matrix relationship between Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Footwear and the Reebok corporate teams;
  • Created a Ralph Lauren Footwear divisional product line template strategy that aligned investment, product design/development, price tier, sales make-up and distribution channel with projected business financial goals netting more than $1m in savings;
  • Catalyzed product design and development of a key performance product that revitalized the RLX category.
May 1989Jan 1996


Moda Prima Inc.

Founder/Chief Executive Officer of this $5 million branded sport apparel manufacturing and distribution family company.

  • Within 14 months of company’s launch of operations, I established an international brand identity and reputation for the finest brand/products in the category;
  • Achieved product placement within a major premium retailer, Nordstrom and sustained the relationship over six consecutive years starting with 12 regional stores and growing to over 70 stores nationally increasing revenue while enhancing market positioning;
  • Successfully launched a brand that captured 13% of the international professional instructor market against the category dominant competitors including Nike, Reebok, and Adidas;
  • Targeted and secured capital funding and ultimately created an acquisition of the company by a multi-national conglomerate.




California School of Professional Psychology


California State University-Northridge


Jared Lerner

Kevin Mackinnon

Robert Noble

Graham Downes


Executive Leadership
Marketing & Communications
Product Design
Strategic Planning & Execution
New Business Development
Brand Manager