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Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, Loral Langemeier did not start out in this life with money or connections. Loral, a master coach and financial strategist, built her first business in high school and, by the time she was 34, she’d established a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties, businesses, gas/oil and notes. Recognized by her peers for her personal commitment to helping people create unimaginable success, and acknowledged by thousands of clients for the substance, insight and applicable value her programs provide, Loral Langemeier has emerged as one of the most successful business and motivational speakers to hit the lecture platform.

Work experience


Founder, Entrepreneur


LIVE OUT LOUD is about changing the way you think and having a conversation about money. From 8 to 88 , the kids to the baby boomers, who don't want to go back to work, but still need to make cash. Educational Management & Training conducting seminars, including the three-day " Cash Machine Workshops" "Wealth Blitz", "Team Made Millionaire" "Lorals Big Table" and "LBT Alumni". Creating joint ventures, affiliate programs, social communities, creating wealth, Moneymaker strategies for kids, Bestselling author of "Cash Machine for Life" , "The Millionaire Maker" and "Wealth Cycle Investing."


Master Distributor

Rich Dad Poor Dad aka Cashflow Technologies, Inc

Master Distributor in the United States of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Cashflow 101 Game. The Cashflow 101 game teaches people how to understand how to build a business for yourself instead of creating a “job” . Teaching people how to get out of the rat race. Educating people in Identifying their strengths and leverage them to become a successful entrepreneur. Defining the target market and identifying specific opportunities, Driving sales and marketing strategies and creating your brand and identity in the entreprenuerial world.


Corporate Health Advisor


Chevron Corporate Health, Environment and Safety group assisting business units in the GOM area offshore designing health and wellness on offshore rigs. Team building and coordinating; developing strategies and implementing them; developing multi-year plans; annual budgeting • Other activities: assist the development and execution of business strategies related to health and wellness of the employees. The goal was to reduce the healthcare costs of the employees in the entire corporation. • Internal business and strategy development: • Ability to leverage internal/external networks and build relationships with other organizations; ability to establish relationships with key internal organizations • Effectively express thoughts and ideas with other departments, employees and partners. • Demonstrates an inclusive, collaborative leadership style to ensure results are obtained. • Awareness of Safety/Operational Excellence in office and operating environments.


Nebraska Wesleyan University