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This e-portfolio contains examples of work and a record of experiences that will help me secure an internship. I am a sophomore at DePauw University, and I am planning to double major in English Writing and Film. My main interest is writing, and I am pursuing screenwriting as both a hobby and career. I enjoy making and discussing movies, and I hope that I will be able to work in the filmmaking or television writing business when I graduate in 2013. I am interested in an internship that would help me build upon my existing knowledge and help me to build skills for the professional world.

Work experience

Mission Trip Volunteer

St. Petronille Parish
  • From the summer after my freshman year in high school to the summer after my junior year in high school, I participated in various mission trips through my parish
  • The first trip took place in Neon, Kentucky and my group was responsible for fixing the floor of a trailer home
  • The next year I went to Mississippi to help rebuild various houses that had been affected by Hurricane Katrina. My group helped to clean a warehouse that stored the water for the different groups on location, build a porch and deck, and demolish a home
  • My final year took me to a Blackfoot reservation in Montana. This was more of an emergence experience than a work-focused trip, though we did help repaint a school
  • These vastly different experiences have definitely helped me grow as a person and develop invaluable teamwork and critical thinking skills. Each trip lasted a week, and the Blackfoot reservation trip was two weeks
Aug 2010Present

Digital Video Intern

  • Filmed and edited student interviews, a virtual tour of the campus’s Center for Spiritual Life, and university commissioned b-roll
  • Ultimately responsible for meeting with clients, discussing ideas, shooting footage, and editing the footage with Final Cut Pro
Jan 2012May 2012

Music Intern

Saturday Night Live
  • Filled out artist contract forms, created security lists, and took meal orders
  • Was available to the department and show at large on show nights
  • Responsible for taking the initiative to ensure the comfort of the guest bands
Jan 2011Jan 2011


Slamdance Film Festival

  • For three days, I took tickets and distribute voting ballots for films in the festival
  • I was able to see how a film festival is put together and run
  • Since I was able to speak with the filmmakers at this intimate festival, I gained valuable insight into the world of independent filmmaking
Aug 2009May 2010


Information Technology Associates Program
  • As an apprentice I have been enrolled in several six-week rotations in which I have learned different types of programming skills
  • Rotation 1: Web Design
    • Learned the basics of Dreamweaver
    • Created and edited a web page
  • Rotation 2: Visual Basics
    • Learned to create a flash card program from scratch
    • This was my most difficult rotation, but I learned to use critical thinking skills and to ask questions
  • Rotation 3: Audio Recording
    • Learned the basics of Pro Tools and Peak
    • Recorded an interview using both programs
Oct 2009May 2010

Show Writer

  • I am responsible for writing the script for a show at my university's television station. The show introduces people to the upcoming features and discusses older ones in a talk show format
  • My producer would give me the topics, and I would create the introduction, movie trailer commentary, the introduction for the talk show portion, and the final remarks
Jun 2009Aug 2009


Rueth Household
  • During the summer, at least twice a week, I would take the two Rueth children to their various camps and activities, and I would watch them when they were home
  • The time commitment varied, but it was usually at least four hours a day
Jun 2006Jul 2008

Youth Volunteer

Brookfield Zoo
  • As a youth volunteer at the zoo, I was able to interact with the guests and teach them about the various exhibits
  • For example, at the lion exhibit, I held a lion skull and a springbok skull, and using these props, I would show the difference between predators and their prey
  • I learned valuable communication skills from this experience, including communication with guests who spoke different languages
Jun 2008Jul 2008


Digital Media Academy
  • As a camper, I learned the basics of Final Cut Pro and filmmaking
  • I was responsible for writing and creating a short film
  • I used a Sony HVR-HD Professional Camera to film the movie, and I learned the basics of camera operation
    • Focusing, checking white balance, shot set-up


Aug 2009Present

DePauw University

Writing Samples

Video Samples



I have experience with editing and creating movies and adding music and transitions to the films.
Final Cut Pro
I learned the basics of Final Cut Pro during the Digital Video rotation of the ITAP program at DePauw University, and I continued to use it during my internship with the Digital Video program.
I took Spanish from 5th grade to 12th grade, and I was in advanced classes throughout high school.
Experience with creating and editing web pages. 
Microsoft Office
Able to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to create presentations and documents.