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Senior PACS Administrator

US Naval Hospital
The SYNAPSE Senior PACS Administrator/CSE. Responsible for the operational administration and network management of all PACS servers and workstations.This includes the following functions and activities:

• Daily system monitoring;• Storage media management;• User management;

• Network management;• Quality control and performance monitoring;

• Study monitoring and patient information management;

• Training for new and ongoing users;• Trouble-shooting and problem solving;

• Security, including development and monitoring of policies and procedures;

• Providing proactive technical administration, planning, coordination, documentation, and management reporting for the SYNAPSE

Providing technical server, computer and application support for a Hospital-wide Radiology computer system (PACS) which is used for viewing radiology studies. Also to providing technical server, computer and application support for computer systems specific to the Radiology Department. This includes: Radiology Information Server (RIS) and a number of internally developed computer-based systems. Maintaining multiple operating system environments like Windows, Windows Server, Linux, and Solaris setting up systems, troubleshooting and fixing problems ranging from hardware to software. Database experience with MS-SQL, Sybase, Oracle, or MySQLto provide consultative advice, project leadership, problem solving and user support for physicians, administrators, and academicians. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. To provide computer hardware / software application support for RIS/PACS/VR and other internally developed applications for Radiology. 2. Be a valuable and contributing member of the Radiology Informatics Team which is responsible for supporting all of the Radiology-related applications. Assist in the daily management of the RIS/PACS database to assure correct profiling of patient data, images and results. 3. Perform daily system administrator tasks (maintenance and checks). 4. To provide computer support and problem resolution to maintain a 24/7/365 Radiology operation that is dependent upon these systems. 5. Responsible for deployment and configuration of the computer workstations used in Radiology and in specific areas throughout the enterprise. 6. Take an active part in all upgrade planning, testing, validating of system upgrades and the actual upgrade implementation. 7. Lead activities as they pertain to assigned projects. 8. Work closely with the Informatics team, GE Medical Systems, Siemens and Philips medical (the vendors of the equipment), and Information Services to support Radiology Informatics short and long term strategic plans. 9. Provide system security measures to protect information for all Radiology IT systems. 10. Evaluate systems and technology to enhance operations. 11. Participate in Process Improvement efforts for the Department

Aug 2008Present

Senior PACS Administrator

US Naval Hospital


Oct 2008Oct 2008

Certified PACS System Manager

FUJIFILM Synapse Systems Administration


To obtain a challenging position as a PACS Administrator that will allow me to display my overall skills, help a progressive organization meet and exceed its growing and constant technology challenges


§  Extensive experience with Microsoft products and Operating Systems such as (MS_DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/XP/Vista, Applications: MS Proxy, PC Anywhere, MS Outlook, Netscape, FTP, Telnet: MS Office 95/97/2000/2007/XP (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook) Troubleshooting, upgrade, repair of computer systems at the configuration level. Resolve user specific PC, server conflicts. Experienced using administrative tools in WinNT 4.0 Server/Workstation, Windows 2003 Advanced Server to create Primary, Backup Domain Controllers, create Domain Forests, manage users, groups, and assigning rights/permissions §  Seven years of experience designing, installing, and configuring Local Area Networks and designing and simulating Wide Area Networks. §  Ability to design hierarchical network structures and assign subnetworks over various physical media §  PACS, mobile software development, real-life implementation and integration of 3rd party applications §  Advanced Router/Switch knowledge such as managing and configuring boot image files, creating and configuring VLANS, and writing Access Control Lists for security purposes. Routed Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk; and Routing Protocols: RIP, IGRP, EIGRP,  and OSPF §  Participated in web-based image streaming, mini-PACS and          videoconferencing software development. §   Manage HIPAA-complaint secure on- and off-site storage solutions and data distribution. §  Fundamental relationship of image quality and exposure dose in digitally augmented systems. Multipurpose digital X-ray detectors with variable resolution, access time, and sensitivity, including but not limited to image intensifiers, CR, flat panel and DR Canon technologies.


FUJIFILM Synapse Systems Administration Training

Certified PACS System Manager