Joshua Morin


My goal is to find a mutually rewarding opportunity for employment in the Chicago area. My previous experience has been in the paving industry for sixteen years, but in addition I have obtained extensive experience in several other areas on many other projects. These include:

  • Operating heavy equipment, such as excavators, graders, dozers, loaders, backhoes, bobcats, power brooms, and fork lifts.
  • Residential carpentry including framing, patios/decks, fences, laminate flooring, and furniture restoration.
  • Working with metal machinery including bridgeports, metal lathes, welders, torches, and grinders.
  • General housing maintenance and construction such as tile work, flagstone, brick pavers, concrete, interior and exterior painting, sheetrock, light electrical, light plumbing, landscaping and lawn care.
  • Good working knowledge of auto mechanics and body work.

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2009 - Nov 2009

Paver/Grader operator

Black Top Paving
  • Responsible for ultimate quality in asphalt paving.
  • Ensured the job was completed efficiently and correctly when the foreman was unable to be at the jobsite.
  • Operated a grader in the preparation of the subgrade prior to the placement of asphalt.
  • Worked as a team player assisting other crew members with rolling, operating the loader, raking, shoveling and general clean up.
  • Assisted truck drivers with loading, unloading and binding equipment on trailers.
Jul 1999 - Jul 2008

Leadman/Screed operator

Wheeler Coatings S.A.
  • Tasked by the owner with overall work quality and timeliness of job completion, because of my work ethic and the pride I take in my work.
  • Interacted with clients to determine job details, assess job requirements, and provide ongoing status updates.
  • Coordinated the paving crew (paver operator, screed operators, loader man, roller men) to ensure all jobs ran smoothly and effectively.
  • Measured and calculated asphalt requirements to complete jobs, without running short and with minimal overages.
  • Actively taught all facets of the business and industry to new and old employees so they could advance their careers.
  • Covered all positions for crew members that missed work or fell behind, and assisted at all levels as the job needed.
  • Raked asphalt when needed or an expert raker (with specialized skills or finesse) was required.
  • Was responsible for operating and maintaining a personal company vehicle.
1993 - 1999


Sep 1992 - Jun 1993

Biddeford Regional school of Technology



Paving Specific Skills

16 years ashalt paving experience, including state highways, city streets, sub divisions, parking lots, patchwork, and speed bumps, all of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Operation of all large pavers such as Barber Green and Cedar Rapids. Including the operation of manual and automatic grade control systems, including but not limited to Barber Green factory computers and Top Con systems. Often I would have to run numbers, usaully in 10ths and 100ths that were placed by surveyors every 25 to 50 feet for optimal ride quality, or as a base for concrete paving. Operation of all small pavers such as Lee Boy, Mauldin, and Cooper, which are more economical and less time consuming when paving in tight areas (parking lots with numerous islands and / or head in parking stalls, driveways and patch work). Operation of front end loaders, backhoes, skid steers and graders used in the loading of paving machines, cutting joints, removing old asphalt and preparation of the sub grade. Operation of rollers, from large steel drum to small pneumatics. Setting rolling patterns for optimal density, usually between 90% and 100%, depending on specifications of individual jobs.