Ji Hyuk Kim


I have some interests.

First, Stock, Investing,Accounting.

I have interest related investing since high school student so I had decision that I will study investment in stocks then be one can get high rate of return. I have done imitation investment in stocks since summer vacation in this year(2009). I take part in a competition of imitation investment in stocks opened kiwoom stock company in korea. That time I had a little knowledge related stock so I couldn’t get high rate of return. I have tried to get more knowledge related that after competition so I read book like ‘A secret of super ant’(super ant is a private investor get high rate), ‘Best way to get high rate’ and ‘To read financial statements like Warren Buffett’. These books are so exciting and related accounting. I thought I will choice accounting as a major field of study after reading these book because I had interest. I study something related stock, investing and accounting constantly.

Second, Other language like English, Japanese.

I had met drama, animation of Japanese and American after taken the college entrance exam. Example, Simpsons that is very funny animation and that help understand American’s life, heroes, Fullmetal Alchemist and Prison Break etc. These things help understand culture and language of these country so I can speak English and Japanese a little now. However, I want to be better so I try to study other language like English, Japanese certainly and constantly to be like native speaker.


I think most objective is I don’t worry financial condition living. As of today, we are living capitalistic society so we cannot get out of doing that worry financial condition. If you don’t worry financial condition living, you are success I think. I want to get work related investing, accounting or stock. These works are accountant, fund manager,  financial specialist and institutional investor. Consequently, I want to be successful investor.


I’m university student.

I aim accounting as major of study.

I can speak English and Japanese a little.

My best goal is to be successful investor.



CHUNG ANG university

I went to high school named JEONNAM place in Gwang-ju then I graduated. I was class president twice and vice president of a class once. Why I choose that is I want to have more confidence. However, I had position but I didn’t have ability like school record etc. Consequently, I graduated then I thought ‘position have limit making better. So, if you want to success you must have ability’.

I go to CHUNG ANG university now. I will choice accounting as a major field of study. But I’m going to soldier before choice. If I done soldier life, I will be better. After soldier life I try to get various certificate and if I get chance go to abroad, I go there surely then I make various experience.