Gerard Ibarra

Gerard Ibarra

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2009 - Present


Ibarra and Associates

Provides training and consulting in the field of logistics systems engineering. Helps companies better understand the affects of their logistics systems on the overall business. Conducts feasibility and trade-off analysis to assist them with the decision making process. Designs and helps to improve logistic systems based on system engineering methods. Incorporates logistics reliability thinking and practices into solution.

Aug 2009 - Oct 2009

VP of Product Marketing

iWave Software

Wrote detailed technical paper on the Data Transaction Rate (DTR) based on iWave’s product for distribution to key clients.Provided insight to the statistical analysis and utility theory found in the BCLM/Violog® product designed by Buildwave Technologies Inc.

  • Oversaw the integration of Buildwave’s technology into iWave’s product portfolio.
  • Developed the Market Requirements Document (MRD) for the BCLM/Violog product enhancements to align with iWave’s strategic vision of their product’s portfolio.
  • Analyzed and formulated equation to describe the DTR for iWave’s main product for Sales to use.
Jan 2008 - Jul 2009

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Buildwave Technologies Inc.

Managed the day-to-day operations, legal matters, marketing, and sales.Helped to formulate its strategic vision and extended its market reach by integrating statistical analysis and utility theory into its product.Developed all marketing material, and provided countless presentations to executives and investors. 

  • Went from an idea to design, developed the product, and took it to market.
  • Developed a 3-tier process methodology for the product platform to help companies identify their most critical events based on their event logs and showed the relationships and affects the events had on the systems as well as the business.
  • Sold company to iWave Software, LLC in 19 months after starting it from nothing.
Jan 2003 - Dec 2007


Ibarra and Associates

Developed multiple logistic and operation solutions and conducted countless feasibility, trade-off, and system analysis for various customers ranging from small to Fortune 500 companies.Performed endless productivity analyses based on statistical process control and industrial engineering methods. Provided marketing analysis for private and public companies.

  • Helped many groups with opposing views and ideas understand from the system’s prospective the goals of the company, and come together on solutions that advanced the overall objective of the company instead of the individual departments.
  • Diagrammed HBK’s major services and estimated the criticality of each service where the results from the work included the company using the documentation immediately to save time and effort.
  • Unfolded 2 marketing analyses and feasibility studies for Ekranoplan’s Wing-in-Ground where study 1 showed a 0.80-year and study 2 a 3.50-year return on investment (ROI).
  • Instigated a 3-year feasibility study through detail research and personal interviews of various organizations and communities on behalf of the City of Dallas’ Great Trinity Forest areas and quantified the results for the City that proved they should move forward with their plans.
  • Determined statistically for the Dallas Independent School District multiple options to help categorize, rank, and facilitate various funding of projects for presentation before the School Board.
  • Analyzed SM&P Utility Resources, Inc. service operation and provided a solution based on logistic system engineering and logistics principals that incorporated trade-off analyses to save the company over $2,670,000 annually.
Jan 2003 - Jun 2003

Vice President, Houston

Business Courier Service, Inc.

Managed every facet of the business from operations and customer relationships, to growing the business.

  • Developed comprehensive rate models for the Houston market using statistical analyses to arrive at an equitable structure that led to attaining 2 (67%) of the 3 largest customers.
  • Restructured the customer’s routes for 5% improvement of on-time deliveries.
Oct 2000 - Dec 2002

Director of Logistics and Marketing

Business Courier Service, Inc.

Accountable for the development and implementation of all logistical operation plans. Charged with formulating and executing every aspect of the marketing strategy for the company.Continuously met with all clients and maintained a strong relationship with those that were essential to the business.

  • Spearheaded the strategic vision of the company to go from manual key entry to a web-based order entry and tracking system that put the company ahead of most of its competition.
  • Drafted numerous detailed proposals for current and prospective accounts using Functional and Performance Requirements that secured 2 (40%) of the top 5 customers.
  • Initiated, planned and implemented various marketing campaigns using systems engineering principals that helped increase sales by 5%.
Jan 1987 - Oct 2000

Various Roles

United Parcel Service

Worked as the Operations Center Manager, Southwest Region International Key Market Manger, Customer Support Manager, and Lead Industrial Engineering and Operations Supervisor

  • Used various engineering techniques such as Option and Risk Analysis and incorporated into the overall operations and marketing plan, while at the same time demonstrated growth potentials of 15% using financial principles with a break-even point of less than 3 years.
  • Reduced warehouse space for key customers by as much as 50%.
  • Provided detail operating plans between UPS and the customer and helped implement the plans, resulting in improving the reliability of the deliveries by 40%+ based on previous “like” plans with minimal planning and oversight.
  • Administered and executed all work measurement procedures using Industrial Engineering concepts for a 350,000 square foot facility.
  • Personal contributions to process improvement include performing Reliability and ROI analysis to decrease UPS’s error frequency that resulted in excess savings of over $500,000 annually for the Northeast Texas UPS district.





Data Analysis and Forecasting

Incorporates various statistical methods and techniques to interpret and understand the data better; uses it as strategic information to help with the decision making process as well as provide valuable data to the change agent and be able to more accurately forecast short, mid, and long-term.

Process Improvement

Provides clients with options and solutions to help improve their processes using systems engineering principles.

Team Building

Promotes a strong, enthusiastic team environment where everyone works together toward the achievement of a common goal.

Customer Relations

Builds strong relationships with customers and fosters an environment of openness and trust.

Problem Solving

Helps clients of all sizes determine the best solution given the requirements.


Presented at various conferences and seminars, and countless times to executives, clients, decision makers, and VCs.