Alan Huang

Alan Huang


Master's graduate with strong background and industry experience in engineering. Focused on (power) electronics: analog & mixed-signal integrated circuits, switching DC-DC converter, integrated switch mode power supply, and digital control. Result-driven, hands-on, team player with excellent problem solving skills. Area of interests include, but not limited to, semiconductor, power electronics, medical, etc. Eager to learn and always welcome new challenges.


-    Martial arts, snowboard, beach volleyball, racquet sports, basketball, foosball, vocal music.


-    Analog Circuits, SMPS, CMOS IC, PCB, Cadence, PCB, Verilog, VHDL, FPGA, C/C++, Applications Engg.

Major Projects

On-Chip Current Sensor for Integrated SMPS    May - Dec 2008-    Researched on-chip current sensing techniques and provided innovative solution to reduce the gain bandwidth requirement of the error amplifier in current controlled switch-mode converters.Portable Low Power Solar Battery Charger    Jan - Apr 2008-    Built switch mode DC-DC converter (power and controller stage) using off-the-shelf electronic components and solar panel; modeled and designed digital controller in Matlab.CMOS Image Sensors and Column Delta Sigma ADC    Sep - Dec 2007-    Performed analog design for pixel optical sensing in Cadence, involving system design, cell simulation, circuit schematic, complete layout, LVS; simulated ADC in Matlab/Simulink.P-SIMS : A Portable and Scalable Interactive Manikin System    Feb - Aug 2007-    Innovated, designed and prototyped an add-on attachment for CPR Manikin to provide interactive feedback with centralized monitoring system; aimed to improve current CPR training.-    Represented Canada in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007 as one of the top 15 worldwide finalists.ZigBee Foot Pressure Measuring Device    May - Jul 2005-    Created wireless monitoring system for podiatric diagnosis; prototyped hardware and software system to display and store real-time data; allowed podiatrists to diagnose patients' walking.-    Prototype was selected for display; the project idea was a winner at annual project fair.

Work History

Work History
2008 - 2008

Engineering Associate - Intern

National Chip Implementation Center, Taiwan

-   Involved in the chip implementation department; received training in full custom IC design flow with HSPICE and Laker layout CAD tool, and mixed signal IC design concept; assisted in post-fab IC lab.-   Visited 5 engineering companies in Science Parks in Taiwan: ProMOS Technologies, RealTek Semiconductor Corp., Faraday Technology Corporation, SpringSoft Inc., Academia Sinica EDA. 

2006 - 2006

Applications Engineer - Coop


-   Worked on evaluation system for communication IC: designed and integrated memory access block on CPLD for accessing SEPROM via SPI communication protocol in VHDL. -   Worked on C device drivers, modified existing mode-configuring TCL scripts, created TCL script converting XML register documents to C header register definitions.-   Assembled evaluation systems: board assembly, debugging with surface-mount de/soldering, CPLD programming/testing with digital logic analyzer.

2005 - 2005

Software Test Engineer - Coop

Agilent Technologies

-   Improved and executed TCL test automation scripts for router testing equipments, responsible for physical and link-layer tests; reported defects and investigated in possible workarounds.-   Created and executed software test plans for router testing equipments.-   Set up router tester and configured Cisco and Juniper routers in back-to-back and crossover.

2004 - 2004

Junior Electrical Engineer - Coop

Océ Display Graphics Systems

-   Optimized ink curing capability of Xenon flash lamps used in the wide-format printing systems; investigated the discharging behaviour of the powering capacitors.-   Built and validated assemblies intended for the project's first few production printers.-   Assisted in debugging and troubleshooting during beta product EMC compliance test.-   Created OrCad Schematic Capture library parts for increased usability and better illustration.


2007 - 2009

Master of Engineering

University of Toronto

-    Obtained A for graduating research project: designed and innovated current sensing building block in current-controlled switch-mode DC-DC converter, supervised by Dr. Aleksandar Prodic.-    Laboratory for Low-Power Management and Integrated Switch-Mode Power Supplies.-    Acquired in-depth knowledge in analog/mixed-signal power management IC/system design.-    Other projects: pixel image sensor, motion detection hardware, solar battery charger, PLL charge pump, Op-amp, analog filters and delta-sigma converter, high speed pre-emphasis and 2:1 MUX.

2002 - 2007

Bachelor of Applied Science

The University of British Columbia

-    Obtained A+ for graduating projects: 1) evaluation on theoretical properties of MOSFET and CMOS amplifier performance metrics; 2) Wireless foot pressure measuring device.-    Completed Coop Program with 4 industrial work terms in world-renowned engineering firms.-    Enhanced practical experience with completion of Project Integration Program.-    Other projects: CMOS amplifiers, 8-bit divider, search & rescue robot, digital level meter, light intensity regulator, power supply, jukebox, task scheduling program, etc.