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Work experience

May 2011Present


YMCA Camp Falcona

As the Summer Director at YMCA Camp Falcona I both hire and manage a staff team of 25 where we accommodate both school field trips in the Spring and Fall seasons as well as facilitating a residential camp experience for children aged 7-14 during the summer months. 

The primary roles of my job are;

  • Create a safe and fun environment that children want to return to 
  • Managing and staying within budget
  • Work with camp managers to ensure all aspect of camp run efficiently, providing support when needed
  • Communicate with parents on a day to day basis
  • Facilitate weekly meetings to enable healthy growth and development of staff members 

Jan 2012Mar 2012

Pre-Service Teacher

St. Joseph Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School

During my second placement as a pre-service teacher I experienced a unique experience where I was placed with three associate teachers. Due to the unusual experience I was fortunate to be placed in both an intermediate and senior Geography class (my major) and an intermediate Information and Communication Technology class (my minor). It was also a very beneficial placement because the school I was placed in highly stressed Differential Instruction where in two of my classes I focused highly on project based learning. 

Sep 2011Dec 2011

Grade Seven Pre-Service Teacher

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School

During my first placement as a pre-service teacher I was placed in a Grade Seven classroom focusing primarily on teaching Mathematics, Science and Physical Health and Education. It was here that I was exposed to a Classroom Management system that I have found to very successful in maintaining a well focused and driven classroom. While on this placement I also had the opportunity to assist in coaching the Boys Volleyball Team.

Sep 2010Apr 2011

Environmental Science Lab Instructor

Nipissing University

While employed in the Biology Department of Nipissing University I instructed the Laboratory portion of the Introduction to Environmental Science course. The hands on lessons that I instructed complimented the lecture portion of the course. I also aided the professor in marking midterms and assignments as well as providing a safe environment where students felt comfortable approaching me for extra help with both the lecture and laboratory portion of the class. Throughout the duration of my employment I followed Laboratory Safety Procedures to create a safe and fun learning environment

Jun 2007Sep 2010

Various Positions

YMCA Camp Falcona

I have been employed by YMCA Camp Falcona for the past 7 years through out the Spring and Summer months until the past season where I was asked to come on full time as the Director. Before becoming the Director I worked my way up through various roles. 

I started working two seasons as a councillor where I fell in love with the enriching environment of Camp Falcona. Here I worked as directly with a group of  8-10 children ages 7-14 facilitating outdoor hard skills like canoeing, kayaking and outdoor living while integrating soft skills like team building and conflict resolution. It was these two seasons that I discovered that there was no better job than one working with children. I felt a level of satisfaction and joy I had never felt before.

During my third season I was privileged enough to get hired in a unique experience as a Integration Co-ordinator through the foundation Reach for the Rainbow. Here I worked with special needs children enabling them to have the same camp experience through a 1:1 ratio. I was responsible for setting up the differentiated programming that would allow for this and provided support for the staff working with the individuals.

My fourth season I moved away from working directly with the campers being employed as the Program Manager. Here my focus was on planing the activities and schedules of 12 cabins. In this role I was also a Support Staff for councillors; stepping in when they needed help and providing feedback on their performance.

My last two seasons before becoming Director were spent as the Assistant Director. I was hesitant at first because I felt I was moving further and further away from the joy I received from working directly with the children, however this was quite the opposite. The role I was placed in gave me the feeling of being a councillor again but this time it was not the campers I was responsible for it was the staff. It was here that I decided that the I/S Division was right for me. The position had me over seeing the entire day to day operation of the camp and my first experience working with the budget as I managed and ran the Tuck Shop. Another main focus of my job during the Spring months was to plan and implement Staff Training week. I was also an integral part of the re-development of a Leadership Program that had not been running at Falcona since before I began working there.

Sep 2009Jun 2009

After School Program


While working with the Biidaaban after school program I worked with Aboriginal children in a variety of roles. Our primary focus was to provide support with their homework and any areas of academics they were struggling with. We also focused on providing DPA and teaching them Health and Nutrition. We concluded the year with a field trip where we were responsible for the set up and supervision of the children while away from our normal site.


Apr 2012Aug 2012

Special Education Part 1

Nipissing Universities Schulich School of Education
Sep 2011May 2012

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing Universities Schulich School of Education

Geography and Information and Communication Technology

iTeach Laptop Program

Sep 2007Apr 2011

Bachelor of Arts Honours

Nipissing University


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My Teaching Style


Apr 2011Present


Sep 2011Present

Laboratory Safety

Nipissing University
Apr 2012Apr 2015

Standard First Aid/CPR C

St. Johns Ambulance
Mar 2012Mar 2014

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Prevention Institute


To gain full time employment in an enriching environment that highly supports and encourages positive growth of both their students and staff.


Dave Ethelston (Professional)

Previous Director YMCA Falcona

Pete Kerigan (Professional)

Director of Camping Services

Nathalie Castiglione (Academic)

Associate Teacher

Rob Silveri (Academic)

Associate Teacher/Professor 

Olive Riddler (Academic)

Faculty Advisor 

Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am currently enrolled at Nipissing Universities Schulich School of Education’s iTeach Laptop Learning Program. My pre-service teaching includes experience in both the Intermediate and Senior Division within the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board. While working as a Pre-Service Teacher I had the opportunity to work within both divisions and teachables. My first placement saw me teaching a Grade 7 class where my lessons focused primarily on Science, Mathematics and Physical Health and Education. My second placement I was in the Secondary School setting where I taught both an intermediate and senior level class of my major Geography and an intermediate level course in my minor Information and Communication Technology. I intend on upgrading my qualifications by taking Special Education Part I during the spring of 2012.

My experience working with the youth goes beyond the practical setting as a Pre-Service Teacher. Throughout the past seven years I have been employed by YMCA Camp Falcona, a residential summer camp for youth aged 7-15. Within the last year I have began working full time throughout the year as the Director, over seeing the entire operation of the camp while living on site and providing support for the managers and staff for the summer months. From working at camp I have gained a better understanding of children and directly related to teaching within a classroom I have learnt the importance and how to almost master classroom management while still providing a fun and safe environment that the children want to return to day after day.

From my experience both formally as a Pre-Service Teacher and working at camp in an outdoor education setting I have found that students have an easier time learning and retain more knowledge when you present the content in a manner that is both educational and fun.I believe to meet the combination of an educational and fun environment Differentiated Instruction and Project Based Learning will be a very integral part of my lesson planning and teaching style. From here I believe students will take more ownership for their learning and achieve a higher level of success.

Thank you for your consideration, 

Robert Groccia