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Work experience


Aug 2005May 2008


Raul S. Murguia Presidential Honors Program


This is a bit of a "no-brainer."  However, my communication skills are above average and have been used in formal settings, including marketing and networking.
I am expert musician, having played in multiple venues, most commonly for volunteer work at a church.  I sing and play guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums.  My most proficient instruments are vocal and guitar.


I am a motivated and outgoing individual who aspires to a great future.  I dream to one day begin a company that will turn into a large global corporation.  However, concerning business, I am adamant about placing my family over my business ventures.  I am learning Spanish so that I will be able to communicate effectively with the far-reaching Latino community.  When I am fluent in Spanish, I will work toward learning French, and eventually, Mandarin Chinese.  I have many passions, which include, although not limited to, music, building wealth, and unique business projects.


* Music (playing and listening to artists play their work)

* Original Business Ventures (Entrepreneurship)

* Training and Motivating Associates of mine

* Non-Profits and Causes I Deem Noteworthy