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Golf, College Football, Notre Dame, Delta Chi, Politics, Sales, and Traveling. 

Social Networking


I am a young business professional seeking opportunities in the Management/Business Consulting or Marketing and Advertising industry. Carrying a degree in Communication, I am well equipped to be successful in the above outlined career opportunities. I also carry a passion and drive to be the best and I am not afraid to start on the ground level. I will be relocating to Chicago, IL and would like to pursue an opportunity in this part of the country. I will also be pursuing my MBA sometime in the near future.


Brand Management
Transformed the brand of "The Little Gym of Overland Park" by repositioning the name, location, and employee mentality into a thriving business and sought after destination location. I also amplified the brand equity by positioning "The Little Gym of Overland Park" as a high end children's gymnastics facility in accordance with demographic and market research of the surrounding area.  Used several weekly contact and reward offers to connect with 2600 clients.      
Developing Key Marketing Elements
Utilized full marketing spectrum including direct mail, television and radio advertising, e-marketing, word of mouth grassroots campaigns, and rewards programs to attract new clients to the business.  Developed a damaged brand into a high end, profitable, and desirable brand clearly recognizable in the Kansas City area.  
Customer Relationship Management
Introduced, trained, and implemented new CRM software for "The Little Gym" to all employees and owner.  I also created a rewards program to help employees utilize the newly formatted software.  Combined policies, processes, strategies of the business using the software to create an opportunity to attract new customers and retain the current clients
Market Research
Researching, understanding, investigating, and defining particular market shares and segments within a particular or broad demographic.  Used a competitve analysis to understand the business in relation to both local and state competition.  
Recruitment Skills
Developing a strong team within a new franchise can be difficult.  Recruiting employees while managing a business, maintaining advertising contracts, ensuring contractors are on time and budget, and marketing to several different segments is exactly what I accomplished during my time as Director of Operations with "The Little Gym".  I was directly responsible for sourcing, screening, and hiring the team around me.  I also help with onboarding and training once the candidates were selected. 
Public Speaking
Holding a Bachelor of Science in Communications, public speaking is the norm in most all collegiate classes taken.  Oratorical skills are ever so important whether it be presenting information to business partners or potential clients because the sale will depend upon the efficiency, the persuasion, and the clear manner in which information is presented.  Some fear the notion of public speaking, I relish the opportunity to do so. 
Consultative Selling
Consultative Selling emphasizes customer needs and meeting those needs with solutions combining products and/or services. A consultative salesperson typically provides detailed instruction or advice on which solution best meets these needs. During the prospecting phase of selling, where a customer's needs and wants are examined, the salesperson pays close attention to economical and high-quality solutions for the customer, ideally making sure the prospect receives more value from the product or service they have purchased than they have paid to ensure a positive return on investment(ROI).

Work experience

Dec 2008Present


Aug 2008Nov 2008

Campaign Manager/Consultant

Citizens for Goodart
  • Formulated campaign plan and overall strategic direction.  Secured appointments with top level executives, State Representatives, and Senators.
  • �Responsible for raising over $10,000 for the campaign.
  • �Promoted political message by assembling fundraisers, campaign events, and grassroots functions.
  • Conducted candidate, voter, and opponent research for the client.
Dec 2005Feb 2008

Director of Operations

The Little Gym
  • Assisted with acquisitions of The Little Gym of Overland Park Designed layout and coordinated contractors to ensure the building was remodeled met stringent specifications.
  • Hired, trained and managed 17 employees.
  • Recruited 50 candidates for full time and part time positions.
  • Represented brand in networking events around the Kansas City community, increasing the brand including media spots with Kansas City Public Television and NBC's Kansas City Live.
  • Produced a database containing over 2600 families in our target market.
  • Maintained quality audits for staff members to ensure positions are working as trained.
  • Managed all accounts receivables and maintained contracts with advertising vendors.
  • Facilitated annual budget preparation based upon maximizing ROI. By effectively managing expenses, the first year revenue exceeded $220,000, resulting in a 244% ROI.
Jun 2004Dec 2005

Product Specialist

  • Consistently exceeded all sales goals and maintained Platinum Sales status.
  • Awarded 3 "Hero Awards" for providing superior customer service.
Oct 2003Jun 2004

Sales Consultant

Sprint Nextel

  • Cultivated personal relationships with customers by using consultative selling techniques.
  • Surpassed monthly sales goals by 60% or better every month.
  • Top Sales Associate during tenure.
Mar 2001Apr 2003

Marketing Specialist

State Farm Insurance
  • Introduced strategic direct marketing campaign to current policy holders.
  • Developed direct mail campaign for 300-400 prospective clients every month.


Aug 2001Dec 2005

Bachelor of Science

The mission of the Department of Communication is to advance knowledge and practice of effective and ethical communication through teaching, scholarship, and engagement. The department develops educated persons who possess the critical skills and analytical training, the social and historical perspective, the creative and technical abilities, awareness of and sensitivity to public affairs issues, and the practical expertise required to become effective creators and interpreters of both personal and public communication.

The Department of Communication offers a wide variety of courses, from interpersonal and small group communication to public relations and political communication. Six themes link these diverse specialties:

  • communication competence (oral, written, and relational)
  • ethical public and interpersonal discourse
  • application of communication principles and skills in diverse cultural and social environments
  • effective and ethical leadership and participation in collective action
  • ethical advocacy
  • analysis of issues relevant to the application of communication knowledge and skills in responsible citizenship

Missouri State offers undergraduate programs in Communication Studies, Organizational Communication, Public Relations, Socio-political Communication, and Speech & Theatre Education. Beginning Fall 2007 additional programs will include Intercultural Communication & Diversity, Health Communication, Rhetoric, and Interpersonal Communication, as well as an undergraduate certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution. Graduate programs include a Master of Arts degree in Communication, a graduate certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, and an option focusing on applied communication in the interdisciplinary Master of Science in Administrative Studies degree.

We invite you to learn more about us by browsing this site, and we hope to have the opportunity to speak or meet with you directly. Please contact us at:

Department of Communication375 Craig HallMissouri State University901 S. National AvenueSpringfield, Missouri 65897

[email protected](417) 836-4423


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