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An international leader in the food science industry, Griffith Laboratories originated in the United States in 1919. It developed from a pharmaceutical company that Carroll Ladd Griffith (C. L.) had taken over from a family friend prior to World War I. After the war, he and his father, Enoch Luther Griffith, reimagined the pharmacy as Griffith Laboratories, which they founded with the vision of applying scientific techniques to the food industry. Now a large custom ingredient manufacturer, the company originally focused chiefly on meat and bakery products. The objective was to make them better tasting, cheaper, and more efficiently produced. To meet these goals required culinary innovation. As the years passed, not only did the products change and improve, but new processes and technologies were discovered. The continuing cycle of advancement and evolution, combined with the imagination of the Griffith Laboratories staff, have allowed the company to stay up-to-date and consistent meeting the needs of its customers. Griffith Laboratories has expanded all over the world, and continues to establish operations in many different countries. Facilities can be found in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Columbia, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Singapore, and more. It was C. L. Griffith’s son, Dean Griffith, who spurred the company’s global expansion in the 1960s. For nearly a century, Griffith Laboratories has adapted to the demands of the marketplace by pursuing new directions and specializations. In the 1990s, the company introduced Culinary Centers, where food service professionals work directly with food scientists to create new flavors for discerning consumers. In developing its new product lines, including INNOVA, Technovations, and Custom Culinary, Griffith Laboratories has retained its original focus on safe, delicious, affordable food to its customers. With its innovative techniques and drive for success, Griffith Laboratories' long history of innovation continues to contribute to the global food market.

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