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Greta Fulop

Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher and Choreographer


I'm a 23 years old  Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer from Hungary. I have been teaching for seven years. I teach all ages and style of dance, however my speciality is in contemporary dance including  ballet , modern dance,  jazz, acrobatics, musical dance. I have worked as a dancer and co-operative choreographer for many company in Hungary, and i also appeared in several dance performance for media projects, fashion and art shows.

Work experience

Aug 20142016

Co-operative Producer and Dancer in Project Works

Independent dance companies

different kind of dance improvement works, involvement of student in to physical dance plays, contact and improvisation workshops, yoga and meditation for youth

Sep 2012Jun 2014

Co-operative Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Mu Terminal - Termini

Contemporary Dance, Modern, Contact and Improvisation, Choreography (Ages 3-18)

Sep 2009Jun 2012

Dance Teacher and Choreographer

The Company

Ballet, Modern dance, acrobatics, Contact and Improvisation (Ages 15-19)

Sep 2011Mar 2012

Dance Teacher

Jaschik Álmos Grammar School

Ballroom dance, Hip-Hop and Street Dance (Ages 18-19)

Sep 2009Jun 2010

Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Dózsa György Grammar School and Art of Dance Vocational School

Jazz, Modern dance, acrobatics ( Ages 11-15)


Aug 2012Sep 2014

Theatrical Dancer, Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Mu Terminal Dance Company 

Independent contemporary dance company, 2 years stage experience, courses and project work with several foreign choreographer, ballet basic for toddlers, assistant teaching for teenagers, contemporary dance lessons for professional dancers

Sep 2006Jul 2012

Contemporary and Modern Dance Artist

Dózsa György Grammar School and Art of Dance Vocational School

Acquired knowledge in several dance style, 6 years stage experience, co-operative work with several dance teachers and choreographers, coordinate dance classes, learning the physically and mentally part of becoming dancer.