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Greg Raiff, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Private Jet Services Group (PJS), has nearly 25 years of experience in the charter air transportation industry to his credit. That experience has helped Mr. Raiff build the Private Jet Services Group into one of the three largest private aviation charter brokerages in North America. In 2011, Greg Raiff saw the company post record profits, thanks to customer retention rates above 90 percent and a 35 percent growth in new account acquisition. In addition to exceptional profits, Mr. Raiff has guided PJS to other strategic milestones, including the introduction of Total Flight Management Solution and the VIP MD-83 program.Today, Greg Raiff and his firm serve clients that include professional and collegiate sports teams, live touring groups, government officials, incentive travel groups, and corporate organizations. Mr. Raiff credits PJS’ impeccable repeat customer record to his continued efforts at improving margins and implementing cost controls in order to maximize the value customers receive.Prior to founding PJS, Mr. Raiff founded, developed, and sold three other air charter firms. His extensive experience in his field has contributed to his reputation as an authority on air transportation, and others in the field regularly consult him on various mattes. Greg Raiff’s publications, including “Adverse Selection: A Private Jet Hedging Model,” further establish his reputation as a thought leader among his peers.Before entering the world of charter air transportation, Mr. Raiff earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Theater Production and Design from Middlebury College in Vermont. Today, he lives with his family in North Hampton, New Hampshire, near his firm’s Seabrook-based central office.

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