Greg Perrow

Greg Perrow


Aug 2006 - Present


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Delta Sigma Pi (Professional Business Fraternity) - I joined this fraternity during my freshman year at James Madison University.  The experience has not only taught me how organizations function overall but has really given me a since for what brotherhood is about. 

JMU Cheerleading Squad - The JMU Cheerleading Squad has been a great experience because not only do I love sports but I love having the crowds during the football games.

About Me

I am a softmore at James Madison University majoring in Finance.  I hope to graduate someday and move to  southern California to embrace my true passion, acting.  My mind is constantly circling about how to bring characters to life on screen in a way that has never been done before.

I have taken several acting classes and even been an extra in a few large movies.  From seeing other professional actors, I have learned that that art of acting is not a born trait, but instead it is learned.  However, the ambition to become a large actor is a trait individuals are born with and I belive I have this, despite the challenges actors must go through today.

Other interests I have include snowboarding, Wakboarding, drumming, dancing, cheerleading, and learning more about Jesus Christ.  During the winter months I take breaks from school and snowboard as much as possible.  Also throuhout the week, I hold bible study session in my apartment and invite anyone that would like to come discuss, listen, or simply learn more about the word of Jesus.