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Work experience

Jan 1999Present

Owner (one man shop)

Tierra Software Development

Web application development primarily using Microsoft technologies.

Migrating to doing cloud-based development, also primarily using Microsoft technologies - C#, MVC, Visual Studio 2010, Windows/SQL Azure, code-first Entity Framework, and jquerymobile.

Exploring development on the Samsung SmartTV platform.

Oct 1994Present

Sr. Computer Operator / Web Administrator

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

System administration for various types of systems - Windows, backups, SQL, web/ftp, Linux, mySQL, HP/MPE, DNS, listserve, NLBS for load balancing, Laserfiche and others.

Application administration for various types of applications - Student Information System, web applications, and various other 3rd party applications.

Development of inhouse web-based apps using Microsoft technologies - ASP/ASP.NET/SQL/VB.NET.

SQL security setup for Student Information System, and web portal access to it.

Day-to-day Operations tasks and user support.

Ongoing web site updates for the school district's web site.

Basic web hosting management for adhoc web sites created by schools/teachers/departments.

Initial management of PIX 501 firewall - not currently handling it.

Sep 1989Oct 1994

Lead Operator

Academic Financial Services (AFSA)

Night shift working with Stratus, VAX, Filenet systems in a 24/7 financial student loan servicing company.

Did a little experimentation with C programming on the VAX, until they realized we (as operators) had access to do that on the production systems. Lost those privs quickly, and I understand why. I'm not a malicious person, just curious - but in the financial realm, curiosity is not always a good trait. Love the Stratus mentality, and wish their Windows-based systems were more prevalent.


Jul 2009Aug 2009

UCI Extension

Taught by the people at

I don't mean to turn this resume into a sales pitch, but I do highly recommend their training on Linux - not designed to help you pass a test, designed to get you up-to-speed for real-life use.

Sep 2008Oct 2008

UCI Riverside Extension

SP's and Unions and Tiggers, oh my...

Oh I mean triggers not tiggers.

Wonderful class on T-SQL, but it was the last class that teacher taught - new baby at home changed things for him. And that email he gave at the end of the class when he said 'email me any time with questions' - that didn't last long. I don't know if they replaced him with another after that. But a good class it was.

Sep 1981Jun 1987

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Cal Poly, Pomona

The emphasis of their program was two-part -

- Diversity of knowledge on the business side

- Conceptual on the technical side

A wonderful program that I believe taught me how to learn, and adapt what I know to new technologies over time.