As a professional in the field of school administration, Superintendent Gregory Firn oversees the Anson County School District, in North Carolina. The school system has improved in a number of ways under his leadership. Those include having one of the state’s few high schools to achieve a 100 percent graduate rate, earning a college-preparation technology grant, and receiving the National Breakfast Choice Program award from the Food and Drug Administration. Gregory Firn’s tenure included these significant achievements, as well as measurable district-wide improvements in reading and algebra performance.Though his reputation as an effective Superintendent owes much to the concrete progress he brings to district learning, Gregory Firn’s thorough education has contributed as well. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, then continued to receive a Master of Science in Athletic Administration from the United States Sports Academy, in Daphne, Alabama. Before earning his Doctor of Education from Seattle Pacific University, Gregory Firn received two important credentials, the Administrative Credential, from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington; and the Superintendent’s Credential, secured from Seattle State University. After completing his formal education, Gregory Firn continued to participate in the academic world through professional papers and presentations in his field. Recently, Dr. Firn delivered a presentation, “Engaging, Developing, and Involving Community,” at the Center for Quality Leadership, in Laguna, California, and another, “Get Ready for Algebra,” at the Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida. In his wider professional life, Dr. Firn is a member of a number of reputable organizations, among them the North Carolina Association of School Administrators and the National School Public Relations Association.


1998 - 2002


Seattle Pacific University
1990 - 1992

Administrative Credentials

University of Puget Sound
1988 - 1990


United States Sports Academy
1977 - 1982


Washington State University

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Work experience
Jul 2007 - Present


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