Gregory Miller

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Gregory Miller

A Look Into My World


I am currently enrolled in Valhalla High School in El Cajon and will be a senior next year. I like to think I am a pretty fun, happy person. What I may lack in outgoingness, I make up for in positive attitude and joy. I am looking forward to college very much. I would like to go to school outside of California, or if not,  a school where I can live in. I believe that living independently in college away from parental influence is a valuable experience for life outside of school and should be practiced by everyone in my position. I am interested in UC Irvine, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon. I have looked in to all of these schools and have determined they are all very good schools and also that all of them would be beneficial to what I want to do. Although I am mostly undecided, I am leaning towards majors in either marine biology, ecology, or business. I have always loved sea life and the ocean itself being raised in San Diego, and business majors can go into a variety of careers so I believe it would be good to learn in the case that I find I do not like the original major I chose.


Sep 2012 - Present

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School , 1725 Hillsdale Rd., El Cajon, CA

GPA= 4.432,  Class Rank= 19th,  ACT+ Writing Score= 28

12th= AP Statistics, AP Environmental, AP Literature, AP Government/ Economy, Spanish 5 C

11thHonors Pre-Calculus, AP Biology, AP Language, AP U.S. History, Honors Choir, Spanish 3/4

10th= Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors Humanities 2, AP World History, Honors Choir, Spanish 1/2

9th= Honors Geometry, Biology 1 C, Honors Humanities 1, Honors Pre-AP World History, Choir, Physical Education

Extra-Curricular Activities

I have played tennis for Valhalla for 3 years. My Freshman year and every year after I have played on varsity. My 10th and 11th grade years I have won the MVP award and this year I was the captain of the team.

I have been a member of the Valhalla Young Republicans Club since 9th grade. This year, I ascended to Treasurer status.

My 10th grade year, I was a member of the Valhalla Academic League team.

Interests and Community Service

I am a member of Christ Lutheran Church and have been since I birth. My religion is very important to me.

I love playing sports for recreation and being active. My favorite sports include tennis, basketball, football, and baseball.

I also like to dabble in art in my spare time. Although I prefer to draw with pen or pencil, I am able to use pastels and watercolors also.

I took piano lessons for 6 years. Although I have since stopped taking private lessons, I still enjoy playing for fun in my spare time.

I have served the community by aiding the Granite Hills tennis coach, Patty Tibbitts , in her week long tennis camps, serving as an assistant coach for her kids.



"Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures."

H. Jackson Brown Jr.