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Work experience

Jan 2005Present

Engineering Technician

Magna Atreum Howell Exteriors and Interiors

As an Engineering Technician I have learned corrolite, gru/iso, and thermoform processes. All these process are automated. I have 8 years of automation experience.  I can operate all machines related to these process.  Robot programming to make adjustments to products that may be out of tolerance.  Preventative maintenance on all machines and robots. We work 6-7 days a week. Also I have been certified to do die setting  for tools up to 20000 lbs with Hyster Fork truck. Fill out proper paperwork for process parameters and 1st offs and any kind of changes made to the process. Participate in 5s keeping area in order.

Sep 20012004

Production operator/hilo driver/process tech trainee

Magna Brighton Interior Systems

As a production worker- operated various machine to assemble door panels.  Also did quality inspection where I visually inspected parts for defects.

Hilo driver- worked in the shipping and receiving department and also helped other hilo drivers with bringing material to the production lines.

Process Tech Trainee- As a tech trainee I learned the gru/iso process. Learned how to operate all the different presses, assembly machines and robots.  Also learned how to troubleshoot problems and fix them.  I did preventative maintenance on all machines, carriers, and robots.


Sep 1995Jun 1998


Flint Central High School

general studies


robot programming
make program adjustments for parts out of tolerance, Make basic programs for features on part.
Hilo certified
operate hilo truck for die setting and for moving materials


Gregory Wise

Engineering Technician (517) 492-6074

Andrea Coolely

Group Leader (810) 610-2637

Ken Cerny

Process Engineer (517) 672-6689