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World renowned entrepreneurial and expert marketing strategist Greg Montoya currently focuses his career on business development and consulting in the areas of direct response advertising and turnkey marketing & training support systems. In a personalized, hands-on format, Greg Montoya also mentors business owners, corporate executives, and celebrities in implementing proven, successful marketing strategies. His perfected marketing systems increase time-freedom efficiency for independent or corperate company owners, allowing them more time and resources for devoting to crucial business decisions. The automated online marketing systems are designed to find and reach out to customers enabling them to submit orders, often without any need for personal interaction, which offers several advantages over traditional manual-type sales models. In addition to improving labor efficiency, direct response marketing allows for business models more heavily reliant on systems than human beings, which Greg Montoya believes increases their predictability. He presently spearheads, along with his business partner Jon Bender, one of the nation's largest remote independent representative marketing companies, which specializes in unique green technology developed in connection with NASA. Throughout his career, Greg Montoya has been featured on MSNBC and CNBC television programs, as well as on a variety of other public networks, and has spoken on numerous radio talk shows and advertising broadcasts. Cutting Edge Opportunities, Success, and Business Connection magazines additionally showcased his business pursuits on their covers. He has appeared at countless business industry and trade conventions, and has spoken at hundreds of marketing and advertising seminars throughout the United States and abroad. Now implemented in businesses around the world, Greg Montoya's direct marketing advertising and systems have generated approximately $500 million in sales proceeds. Greg Montoya conducts his professional life with the central objective of helping others attain financial independence and success. In addition to promoting his own career, he frequently consults with the homeless, and plays an active role in helping them achieve their goals. Moving forward Greg Montoya has pledged up to 10 percent of the proceeds from his corporate consulting fees toward helping missionaries and homeless individuals. Greg says he does all of this through talents and blessings given to him by the grace of God.