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Selected Achievements

Contracted with a well respected and Microsoft recommended 3rd party product development consulting firm to evaluate development practices as well as current code base.  As a testimony to the quality of product, the consulting firm’s engineers were unable to create a single error in 3 weeks of testing and reported zero critical flaws in security or design.Built and implemented a corporate helpdesk support system which makes use of extensive service level agreements with each department represented in the organization.  Event survey results and statistical analysis display a 150%+ increase in rate of response and a 225% increase in overall customer satisfaction.Led the charge to understand, design and produce a complete Electronic Document Management System which focuses on healthcare facilities and the completion, compliance and long term storage of their medical records.  Satisfied customers include one of the largest private physician groups in the country and the 2nd largest private, not-for-profit hospital.Managed the production of a complex workflow system which operates independent of the product it services and is designed to integrate with a wide variety of software applications.  This workflow system is compliant with the Workflow Management Coalition standards published at and has been compared to industry leading workflow systems.Managed and co-developed a database persistence framework similar to Hibernate (or NHibernate) that was tested in Microsoft’s Virtual Labs in Dallas, TX.  Extended to web-services, this persistence framework was proven to scale well over 10,000 concurrent users and is the foundation for Healthport EDMS.Retooled all aspects (hardware and software) of a limited and failing data warehouse system which stored approximately 2.5 million medical records.  With significant planning and design, the result is a data warehouse which has scaled to 300+ million medical records, has experienced a high rate of growth over the past several quarters and automatically produces meaningful statistics used to help predict growth trends.Designed and implemented an integrated reporting tool which collects hardware and software statistics, project milestone information and helpdesk metrics to report a comprehensive and concise view of the IT department related to budgets, operational volume and sales.  Used for predictive analysis as well as reaction to needs, this tool was ultimately designed to present an “overall health” of the IT department for a balanced scorecard initiative.


Highly accomplished, results-oriented IT Executive with over 14 years of development and technical leadership experience brings superior team-building and management expertise with a focus on process improvement to enhance IT operations and software development practices.  Proven track record of designing, developing and implementing enterprise class, scalable data management solutions.  Tendency to thrive in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Core Competencies

  • Budgeting
  • Cap-Ex / Asset Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Organizational Communication
  • Software Development
  • Internet / Intranet
  • Groupware / Data / Retention
  • Disaster and Recovery Planning
  • Leadership
  • Training / Education
  • IT Performance Statistics
  • Procedure and Policy

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Director of IT, Security Officer

Burrell Behavioral Health
  • Responsibility to direct and provide corporate sponsorship for all IT / Telecommunications projects across a 28 facility, 1000+ user, multi-regional organization.
  • Redesigned all corporate policies and procedures related to Information Technology to align both operational and fiscal business practices with an evolving technical strategy.
  • Developed standards for technology purchasing practices and provided tools to all operational directors for project and cost center budgeting.
  • Designed and maintained an enterprise-wide HIPAA security education program to ensure widespread understanding of the general requirements that are placed on Healthcare facilities as well as Burrell’s interpretation of the guidelines and implementation of policy.
  • Successfully managed the selection, purchase and implementation of several enterprise-wide applications, including an electronic medical record (EMR) solution.
  • Managed and successfully implemented an enterprise-wide Telemedicine project using audio/video equipment that allows behavioral healthcare professional to see patients throughout the state of Missouri.
  • Planned and constructed a new data center located in the Springfield Underground and migrated existing network and application services away from an affiliate (Cox Health).  Additionally, created new solutions for file and database storage utilizing EMC Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies.  Expanded Burrell’s Information Technology department to facilitate the management of solutions that were historically governed by Cox Health.
  • Negotiated and acquired an enterprise-wide State and Local Government licensing agreement with Microsoft to substantially reduce software investment costs and to strengthen the R.O.I. for such purchases.
  • Member of the Burrell Administrative Team.
  • Member of the Burrell Corporate Compliance Team.
  • 10 direct reports with additional reports based on volume.
  • Corporate information technology budget and divisional P&L responsibilities.
Feb 2002Jul 2007

Director of Development - Title change reflects leadership realignment during acquisition by SDS.

Healthport (Smart Document Solutions)
  • Product management responsibilities for complete Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS), workflow, and HL7 solutions.
  • Oversight for the design, development and quality assurance of solutions in response to internal and external customer requirements, from multi-tier application development to imaging and remote access of critical records.
  • Improved product offerings through research and evaluation of new technologies and best practices.
  • 7 direct and 1 indirect reports.
Feb 2002Jul 2007

Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Nauvalis Healthcare Solutions (Acquired by Smart Document Solutions: August of 2005)
  • Responsible for all IT related disciplines including: staffing, budgeting, ROI, communication, policy / procedure, hardware and software.
  • Provide oversight and instruction for all functional and technical design, software development, documentation and quality assurance.
  • Coordinate the activities and projects related to central operations infrastructure and the administration of 300-450 internal users (based on volume) as well as all ASP solutions and the 4000+ associated users.
  • Constructed and continue to provide management for a complete corporate IT helpdesk.
  • Reinforce sales team efforts with verbal and written presentations to CEO, CFO, CIO and Directors in healthcare facilities.
  • Implemented a disaster recovery plan to safeguard medical data security and accessibility through measures including co-location, three fail-over data providers and underground facility replication.
  • 7 direct and 3 indirect reports with additional reports based on volume.
  • Corporate information technology budget and divisional P&L responsibilities.
Nov 1998Feb 2002

Data Center Administrator / Web Specialist

  • Lead responsibility for the design, development and maintenance of a customer-facing support website (complex defect tracking and knowledge-base functionality included) which aids the product support group in Springfield, MO.
  • Co-managed an ASP product offering for small home-health agencies in a data center located in Springfield.
  • Participated in the Springfield business unit’s SCP certification process, providing documentation of process and procedure for all web-based support.


Aug 1994May 1998

Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication (Emphasis in Organizational Communication)
  • Minor in Sociology
  • Graduated Cum Laude: Graduation G.P.A. = 3.42


Aaron Brandwein

“I have worked with Greg for the past ~ 6 years, and was involved with him on many large complex projects. Among Greg's many talents and skills as an IT/Development Director, he exhibited excellent communication skills, hard work and reliable job and project performance. I was able to learn many things from Greg over the years and it was not only a privilege to have worked with him but I also consider him a good friend.”

Tim Aligheri

“Greg is a great technologist. He understands software development as well as the technical infrastructure to run the software. This is hard to find in one person. Greg is a great mentor to younger developers and provides needed structure for their success. Greg is a great talent and would be an asset to any organization.”

Mike Stropp

“Greg is an excellent team leader and has the knowledge and experience to move a company into the future with technology.”

Julie Dooling

“It was my pleasure and prvilege to work with Greg at Smart Document Solutions where he lead the IT Development group. From day one, I was extremely impressed by Greg's interaction with colleagues and clients alike. Not only did Greg possess vast IT knowledge and expertise in his area, he communicated in a very confident, relaxed, clear and concise manner that was admired by his peers. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to any organization.”

Brandon Plumlee

“The time I worked for Greg was a very rewarding time for me. He was clear with his expectations, fair with timelines for my projects, and challenged me to explore other avenues inside the company as they arose. I grew a great deal working for Greg and value the experience and opportunities I was given while working for him. I would happily work for Greg again should the right opportunity arise and I was looking for a change.”

Garrett Snodgrass

“Greg was a great manager to work with and definitely an asset to the company. He has the ability to respond to a reported issue in a manor that leaves both parties feeling good and knowing that the issue will be addressed. He has the ability to create a vision for a product and see it through to completion. Would work with Greg again, in a heartbeat.”

Brent Baldwin

“Greg was an excellent manager that provided any assistance needed and allowed his employees the freedom to be as productive as possible.”

Jason Barnhouse

“I had the pleasure of working with Greg Metz as a colleague and customer. Greg has a unique ability to look “outside the box” when evaluating solutions for specific business needs. He always keeps the customer’s needs, both internal and external, at the forefront of his mind when designing solutions. He takes pride in his work and pays attention to all the details. Additionaly,he continues to educate himself on up and coming technologies and communicates well with all levels of users. He was a tremendous asset to us at Nauvalis and was responsible for putting NHS at the forefront of the market with new technologies. He was a great team member and leader in our organization and I would enthusiastically recommend him to any organization.”

Paul Thomlinson

“Greg is my idea of the consummate IT professional--extremely adept in systems analysis, technically competent in IT aspects from the macro to the micro level, demonstrates effective leadership to his staff, shows excellent written and oral communication skills, and is responsive to demonstrated needs. In short, I highly recommend Greg.”

Whitney Gregg

“Greg is one of those rare people who not only has a vast knowledge of his field, but truly enjoys it, thus dedicating himself fully to each and every project he undertakes. He is an extremely creative and inventive individual and his infinite understanding of information technology principles and applications allows him to provide comprehensive and valuable solutions to clients and co-workers. Greg sincerely cares about each task he takes on and is always willing to spend the time to ensure the result is a high-quality product and/or service. Any organization would be tremendously fortunate to have Greg as a member of its team and would reap countless benefits from his contributions.”

Bob Allen

“Greg is different from most managers that I have worked for. Greg's priority is enabling his team to do the very best that they can do. Greg promoted a positive atmosphere that combatted stress and promoted the "team" philosophy. Greg's leadership and mentoring skills are some of the best I have experienced in my professional career.”