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Honors & Awards

Building the Opportunity Award - Recognized for developing $500K in new revenue opportunity.

Execution Award - For flawlessly on-boarding new account which generated 500+ new orders/ day.

Performance Award - Exemplary management of client's $8M account.

Realizing the Opportunity Award - Fostering long term relationship with $12Mclient.

Work experience


Operations Manager - Major Accounts

Deluxe Corporation

Currently in Director level role, managing a staff of 17 supporting a sales team which generated $23M in 2012.  

Has a reputation for working with large specialty accounts, and working at all levels to get things done.

Held responsibility for leading three teams across the US & Canada and a $1.2M budget. Smoothly integrated multiple teams with unique processes into one. 

Initiated task & time study producing 35 new efficiencies which maintained support staff levels while sales team grew 50%. 

Created outdated pricing initiative which generated $650K in new revenue, plus a $1M profit for largest account

Identified over $462K in cost savings through consistent process improvement. 


Client Services Manager - Project Management

Deluxe Corporation

Represented sales and operational support side of negotiating contracts worth $8M & $12M. 

Built and led highly successful teams, replicating skill sets and delegating effectively.  Cross trained team to support national accounts, providing career enrichment and succession planning as well as risk mitigation.  

Helped define customer service processes for consistency and trained teams, gaining 91% customer satisfaction.

Key leader in conversion value stream mapping, resulting in reduction of 65 actionable items and a 25% reduction of total steps. 

Architected revision to workload flexibility for a team of 120, creating a savings of $250K without reduction in staff.  

Created four LEAN Certified Project Managers within sales support. Executed Lean Initiative consolidating two teams into one, cutting costs by $400K annually.  

Managed conversion support project managers while delivering solutions and project management expertise. 


Client Relationship Consultant - National Accounts

Deluxe Corporation

Recognized for stepping up to lead & flawlessly onboard the largest and most unique accounts.

Created a comprehensive marketing plan to develop a business referral program now used in nearly 7K locations and generating $240M+ in annual revenue.

Participated in the preparation/presentation of RFPs on 2 major accounts, resulting in the retention of $20M+ in revenue.