Greg Bennie

Greg Bennie

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2012 - Present

Deputy Area Safety Officer, South-East Queensland

Australian Parachute Federation

The Australian Parachute Federation is the national governing body for skydiving in Australia, responsible for education, training and regulation of the sport. To ensure compliance with high standards for safety in its member clubs the APF appoints Area Safety Officers in each of its Council areas to regularly monitor drop zone activities.  As the Deputy Area Safety Officer for South-East Queensland I support and assist the Principal Area Safety Officer with the following tasks:

  • conducting safety audits on all drop zones within Council jurisdiction to ensure compliance with APF operational rules, regulations and safety standards.
  • investigating incidents and fatalities that occur on local drop zones and assisting with crisis management efforts. 

This is a volunteer role to which I was appointed to on the basis of recommendations by my skydiving colleagues. 

2011 - Present

Operations Manager

Sunshine Coast Skydivers (SCS)

SCS is a dedicated tandem-only skydiving facility located on the Sunshine Coast. Established in

1994 the centre employs a dozen staff, including five full-time Tandem Masters. During my time as

Operations Manager my responsibilities have included:

  • Jumping with customers as a full-time, handy-cam rated Tandem Master
  • Acting as outside camera flyer on selected jumps
  • Managing all aspects of staffing - including monitoring and enforcing high standards of customer service, coordinating staff meetings, and hiring and firing.
  • Conceptualising and implementing creative marketing strategies for the drop zone, including: 
    • securing contra deals with local businesses
    • creating and promoting drop zone package deals for special occasions such as Valentines Day, Easter and Mothers Day
    • Increasing public awareness and driving brand exposure of SCS through display and charityjumps, and promoting these through traditional and social media channels
  • Ensuring drop zone activities are conducted in compliance with APF operational rules and regulations.
  • Overseeing a team of 12 staff to ensure all administrative tasks arising from day to day operations are attended to.
2009 - 2011

Manager, Tandem Master & AFF Instructor

Brisbane Skydivers

Brisbane Skydivers (operational from 2009-2011) was a combined tandem skydiving and AFF training facility located at Mutdapilly, south-west of Brisbane in QLD. During my time as Manager I fulfilled the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • Teaching AFF students to skydive safely in my role as a qualified AFF instructor
  • Jumping with customers in my position as a handy-cam rated Tandem Master
  • Acting as Drop Zone Safety Officer, ensuring all drop zone activities were conducted in compliance with APF operational rules and regulations; and drop zone facilities and equipment were maintained to a high standard. 
  • Running first jump courses for groups ranging from one to 24 students
  • Managing all aspects of staffing and drop-zone coordination, including: 
    • communicating high standards of customer service to staff and ensuring these were upheld 
    • coordinating staff meetings and attending to staff issues 
    • overseeing the completion of all administrative and financial tasks arising from day to day operations
    • effectively dealing with customer complaints to achieve good outcomes
  • Marketing all aspects of the drop zone including:
    • investigating and securing mutually-beneficial business partnerships;
    • networking, liaising and negotiating with booking agents; 
    • Facilitating online engagement by regularly promoting drop zone events and activities on Facebook;
    • organising charity events to generate positive publicity for the drop zone and worthwhile causes. 
  • Dealing with crisis situations on the drop zone, including injuries and media liaison. 
2007 - 2009

Marketing Manager, Tandem Master & AFF Instructor

Sydney Skydivers
Sydney Skydivers is a fully self-contained tandem skydive and training facility located in Picton, NSW. With the largest fleet of skydiving jet engine aircraft in Australia, it is also one of Australia's busiest drop zones. As a Tandem Master, AFF Instructor and Marketing Assistant with Sydney Skydivers for two-and-a-half years I was involved in the following tasks: 
  • Teaching students how to skydive safely in my role as an AFF Instructor
  • Taking students on tandem skydives as a handy-cam rated Tandem Master
  • Acting as outside cameraman on tandem and AFF jumps, including a celebrity jump for top national TV Chat Show "Rove Live" 
  • Assisting with marketing and public relations activities, including:
    • investigating potential business opportunities for the drop zone; networking, liaising and negotiating with booking agents
    • maintaining a database of useful contacts for the drop zone, and building these relationships through on-going personal face-to-face contact. 
    • Assisting with the coordination of the annual Christmas Boogie and developing the drop zone social club to improve facilities and social engagement
    • participating in media-driven promotional jumps (such as Christmas Santa Jumps) to raise the profile of the drop zone in the local community. 
2006 - 2007

English Language Teacher


Nova was one of the top English language education providers in Japan. During my time at Nova as a full-time ESL Teacher I performed the following duties:

  • Teaching elementary through to advanced level classes as required for students ranging from 2 years old up to senior citizens, following the applicable teaching schedule for that program.
  • Preparing lesson materials, including handouts and test materials for 1-2 hour sessions over a 35 hour teaching week.
  • Completing all necessary paperwork in a timely and appropriate manner, including class rolls, class plans and class test results and promotion forms. 
  • Devising lessons materials to cater to the needs of the more advanced students in the class; and supporting those students who struggled with certain language concepts.
2002 - 2006

Supervising Coordinator - Peer Support Team

Northern Beaches Interchange (NBI)

NBI's purpose is to support and strengthen families caring for children and young people who have a disability, and to enable these young people to participate more fully in the community. It provides services in the area of northern Sydney which offer respite and support networks for families, and recreational opportunities for young people.

Working at NBI as Supervising Coordinator for the Peer Support Team I was responsible for overseeing the delivery of a leisure activity programme for 17 to 25 year olds with a disability. In this challenging role I was involved in: 

  • Researching individual activities and integrating them into cohesive 6-week programmes which were sensitive to the needs of a diverse group of clients.
  • Coordinating and running activity programs and providing support to clients when participating in challenging activities such as surfing, rock climbing, music festivals, camping trips & arts festivals
  • networking and liaising with businesses to secure discounts on activities to deliver quality programs within budget
  • Training other staff members in the role. 
2001 - 2005

Youth Worker

Willoughby City Council Youth Centre

The Willoughby City Council Youth Centre aims to provide a safe haven and a community support network for minors in the area. As a Youth Worker at the Centre I was responsible for planning fun activities for the kids, helping them to find employment, connecting 'at risk' teenagers with counselling services, and ensuring all of our visitors had a fun and relaxing place to hang out at with their peers. 

In the years since holding this position it has been highly humbling and rewarding to be told by former youths who attended the Centre that the time I spent with them made a positive impact on their lives in many ways. One young man even went so far as to say that I had saved his life. I like to bring a positive attitude and a calm approach to every situation and enjoy working through challenges to reach the best possible outcomes. I believe my interest in helping people is one of my strengths and is a quality that has aided me in my skydiving career. 


2001 - 2004

Bachelor of Arts with a Diploma of Education

Macquarie University

Certificate IV in Auslan

Deaf Education Network
1990 - 1995

Higher School Certificate

St Ives High School


Apart from skydiving, the other defining interest in my life has always been travel. After completing high school I spent over five years travelling the world as a backpacker. I consider my experiences as a traveller to be an invaluable part of my 'life' education and a major influencing factor on who I am today.

The countries I have visited are:

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, The United States of America, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Tibet, Australia & Japan.

About me

Skydiving is my passion, my profession and my sport. Each day I live the dream.

Hi, my name is Greg. I am an experienced skydiving Instructor B and professional teacher who loves to share the rush of freefall with anyone brave enough to see the world from a new perspective. With more than 14 years parachuting involvement and over 2500 jumps I feel as much at home in the air as on the ground. Coupled with tandem, AFF, outside camera and display jump endorsements, as well as dropzone management and safety oversight experience – whatever the activity, if it’s skydiving related I have the knowledge, dedication, skills and wherewithal to do it. If you think I might be a good fit for your dropzone, I look forward to jumping with you soon. Blue skies. 


2009 - Present

Instructor B

Australian Parachute Federation
2009 - Present

Tandem Master

Australian Parachute Federation
2008 - Present

AFF Instructor

Australian Parachute Federation
2007 - Present

Packer B

Australian Parachute Federation
2011 - Present

Display B

Australian Parachute Federation
1998 - 2012

Certificates A - F

Australian Parachute Federation