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Senior technologist with twenty years of Internet industry experience. I built my first commercial website in 1994, joined my first startup ( in 2000, and have since built multiple highly successful consumer websites for companies like YouCaring, Sony (Playstation), OpenTable, and I love building applications that have big impact.

As an engineering manager, I leverage my over twenty years of software engineering experience to keep my team happy, healthy, and continually challenged. As a software engineer, I'm a full-stack generalist, able to supplement my team however and wherever needed. I'm equally comfortable in the database, or writing an SMTP mailer or REST API, as I am in JavaScript or CSS.

As an architect, I'm obsessively determined to squeeze out every last bit of system performance that I can. YouCaring was one of the worst performing sites in crowdfunding when I first started there in November 2014. By end of April 2015, our start render had surpassed the industry performance leader.

Specialties: JavaScript, Backbone.js, React.js, Redux, Single Page Applications, jQuery, Gulp.js, C#, REST APIs, Webcrawlers, HTML5, CSS, Agile, Software Internationalization, Website Performance Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Git, ASP.NET, HTTP, SQL, SMTP, OOD/OOP, APM

Work experience

Jul 2015Jan 2016

Vice President of Engineering


Responsible for all aspects of systems development and engineering for, from setting strategy and roadmaps which evolve the platform, to driving the processes, design, implementation and production support for all YouCaring applications and infrastructure, both internal and customer facing.

Notable accomplishments include:

• Reduced start render time from an average 9.5 seconds, to an industry leading average of 2.2 seconds. Established and enforced a strict performance budget to keep YouCaring from losing its newfound performance edge.

• Conceptualized, designed, and implemented systems which brought much greater reliability to critical YouCaring application functions like payments, email delivery, error and transaction logging, and much more.

• Architected and built a suite of REST APIs that now power YouCaring's image upload, manipulation and management capabilities.

• Handled day to day datacenter operations for, and built out an extensive system for application performance monitoring and alerting for the production site.

• Developed all of the SDLC-related processes which guide software development at YouCaring. Everything from software builds and deployment, to code review, source code control, and code instrumentation for application performance monitoring.

• Identified an opportunity for, and subsequently developed and negotiated a partnership with Smyte, a company which now provides fraud detection services for YouCaring.

• Secured YouCaring infrastructure after it came under distributed denial of service attack, and built a new, better performing, more resilient, and highly secure infrastructure as a result. We have not seen a single DDoS recurrence ever since.

• Represented YouCaring as a speaker at New Relic's annual FutureStack conference in November 2015.

Nov 2014Jul 2015

Director of Engineering


Responsible for the day to day operation, and ongoing development, of

Recruited, hired, and managed a team of eight engineers. Inherited an underperforming/outdated ASP.NET webforms-based application. Lead the technical effort to implement a brand new website design, with a focus on web performance optimization, SDLC process improvement, elimination of proprietary interfaces, and better error reporting/instrumentation.

Instrumented primary application flows using a combination of Sentry/RavenSharp, Rollbar, and New Relic custom transactions, to help understand what the existing performance and reliability issues were. Implemented Akamai CDN for edge caching, began migration of user submitted static content from Rackspace Cloudfiles to Akamai.

Began exposing much of the legacy backend via REST API. Managed the design and development of multiple backend partner integrations. Migrated from an insecure public cloud-based infrastructure to a private, firewalled, co-located infrastructure, including vendor selection and contract negotiations with multiple vendors.

These efforts resulted in a reduction in average perceived page load time by a factor of 300-400% on 

Dec 2011Nov 2014

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer Individual contributor helping to build the next generation PlayStation web store. The Playstation Store is a single page, template based, javascript heavy client application allowing millions of Playstation users around the world to purchase Sony media products (games, movies, tv) for their devices. Our architecture is based on Backbone. js, Bootstrap, JQuery and SASS.

Dec 2007Jun 2011

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer Lead UI Engineer OpenTable Connect, a web-based version of OpenTable's restaurant reservation management solution. The site uses best of breed technologies including ASP.NET, JQuery, JQuery-UI, WCF WebServices, Ajax and JSON. I also developed a mobile version of the same site using JQuery Mobile Framework and WCF WebServices, which supports most major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, and WebOS.

My role has also included significant contributions to the OpenTable consumer web site, including projects such as incorporating diner feedback and restaurant reviews into the site, implementing GZip compression for HTTP responses, web site optimization, and developing a number of tools and reports for internal use.

Jan 2007Oct 2007

Senior Software Engineer


Served as lead developer and architect of ZeccoShare, Zecco.Com’s Internet-based social network for investors. Responsibilities included design and creation of the core ZeccoShare data model, architecture of the data access layer, and creation of large portions of the UI. This project utilized ASP.NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Microsoft AJAX with the Ajax Control Toolkit.

Led the development of ZeccoShare Groups, a Yahoo Groups-like feature for ZeccoShare members to share information and collaborate.

Participated in migrating Zecco’s data access layer to nHibernate, researched and implemented integration of memcached with nHibernate for second level caching of data objects.

Streamlined software development cycle with a fully automated build and release process using Nant and CruiseControl.NET.

Developed SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) applications for ETL integration of Zecco databases with data feeds from Motley Fool CAPS and other third parties.

Various other duties including providing support for production systems, monitoring web farm and database server performance, and significant refactoring of existing codebase to increase scalability and improve performance.

Mar 2005Jan 2007

Senior Software Engineer


Designed, prototyped and implemented a large scale, automated data acquisition system (a webcrawler) for collection of commercial real estate information via the Internet. The system design was fully multithreaded, targeting the web sites of over 6,000 major US retailers - up to 40 simultaneously. The process identified, parsed, and extracted relevant data from the target web site, saving it to a database for analysis and geo-coding. To date it has identified more than 1,000,000 commercial real estate properties nationwide. The data collected was instrumental in the successful launching of CoStar’s new retail product. (see for more information) The HTTP client implementation was created from scratch using framework classes for TCP session management only. Technologies used included C#, TCP/IP, ASP.NET, WinForms, SQL Server, Regular Expressions and Microsoft Application Blocks for data access.

Developed a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) based application for real-time reporting on new property and tenancy data added to CoStar’s data warehouse. The solution involved heavy use of WPF with manipulation of three dimensional models, MSMQ, and SQL Server 2005 with stored procedures.

Created an ASP.NET based application for management of user permissions within CoStar’s Enterprise CRM application.

Jun 2002Mar 2005

Senior Software Engineer

SRA International

Lead Developer and Architect on the My Pension Benefit Account (MyPBA) and My Plan Administration Account (MyPAA) projects for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Both projects were customer-facing eGovernment portals which enabled customers to interact with back office systems using ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Services and Oracle 9i.

Designed and developed an application framework which formed the foundation of several web applications created for our client (the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation). The framework provided commonly used services such as runtime configuration, exception handling and reporting, database connectivity, encryption, authentication, and reusable web controls.

Created a structured, automated software build process which handled all product builds from development through release - including automated generation of windows installer executables. The solution involved a number of open source projects including Nant, CruiseControl.NET and WiX (Windows Installer Xml).

Designed and created a web service to transform HTML forms filled by our customers into PDF and TIFF images for use in a FileNet document management system.

Designed and implemented an enterprise-wide scheme for web services authentication and authorization between presentation and business tiers using NTLM and Active Directory.

Integrated a Java application with .Net web services including use of Active Directory for authentication.

Developed an Oracle based system for guaranteed, queued delivery of email to customers.

Aug 2001May 2002

Senior Software Engineer


Developed "Dataportal Administrator", an enterprise application used for remote administration and maintenance of the e-Numerate Numbersource web site. This project used technologies such as Java JDK 1.3, Applet to Servlet communication via HTTP, Swing/JFC, and Enterprise JavaBeans on a Weblogic application server.

Also developed "Numerator! Publish", a Gui application which allows the user to import, display, and manipulate numerical data for publishing on the Internet. The application was created in Visual Basic utilizing technologies such as MSXML 3, XSLT and COM.

Jun 2000May 2001

Software Engineer


LifeMinders.Com was the Internet's first, and largest direct email marketing company. My responsibilities included developing and maintaining LifeMinders email generation software, delivering highly targeted and customized email content to each of LifeMinders 22 million subscribers. The software would match users with appropriate content based on a personalized profile of the user, then generate a unique email message for each user based on their interests. Also, by implementing the ESMTP pipelining specification I increased email delivery throughput from around 2 Million to over 8 Million individually customized email messages per hour.

I also created LifeMinders' bounced email management system. The system utilized MSMQ and VB for asynchronous processing of SMTP delivery failure notifications against our customer database. The system would then deactivate customers whose email accounts had been closed.  

Developed a new application for real-time validation of member email addresses using C#, TCP, DNS and SMTP. This required creating a fully resolving DNS client from scratch (pre .Net 1.0 DNS client did not support lookup of MX records). The application sent/received UDP Datagrams to resolve DNS queries and used TCP/SMTP to validate email addresses against the targeted domain's mail exchange server.

Worked with product designers to turn their design concepts into an HTML template for all of LifeMinders' products.

Most applications developed with Visual Basic 6, MS SQL Server 2000 and ADO - some using XML, MSMQ and MTS.

Oct 1999Jun 2000



Managed a Web Support Team (5 developers, 1 QA) for the U.S. Department of Defense Standard Procurement System contract. Responsibilities included managing a group of six web developers, designers and content editors; designing and enhancing systems to support our call center and our clients.

Designed and created the SPS Knowledge Base, an online customer support resource for procurement professionals throughout the U.S. Department of Defense.

Developed AMS' first eCommerce web site - enabling AMS to sell training products online direct to its customers.

Created an interface to web-enable AMS legacy call center applications, giving clients access to real-time status of their help desk calls.

Feb 1997Oct 1999

Systems Analyst


Developed and maintained a series of web sites for AMS software products. Developed an intranet for the U.S. Navy Fleet Maintenance Policy and Process Program.

Assisted design of an interface between AMS software and the Army SAACONS financial system. Planned, created and analyzed data sets for product testing process.

Created a Java based reporting interface for AcquiLine - an Internet based procurement solution.

Surveyed and coauthored a report to U.S. Department of Agriculture on current technical environment in USDA field offices.