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Work History

December 2018Present

UPS Technician, Commissioning Engineer (Contractor)

EP Marine and Offshore

Setup, Program, Verify installation, Troubleshoot, Test, and Certify proper operation of Marine UPS systems both AC and DC from Eltek.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Mariner of the Seas

October 2018Present

Rig Electrician (Contractor)

Prime Ocean

Rig Electrician contractor on 6th generation drillship Seadrill West Neptune.


Maintenance Electrician

American Heritage School
  • Perform electrical repairs
  • Inspect generators and switchgear
  • Inspect lift station controls, motors, and alarms.
  • Perform maintenance on fire alarm

Maintenance Supervisor

American Heritage School

  • Run the maintenance department for a 48 acre school campus.
  • Schedule and coordinate and supervise electricians, plumbers, and other vendors, contractors, maintenance technicians, and janitors.
  • Order parts and supplies for repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of 12 buildings.
  • Coordinate the setup of tables, chairs, desks, tents, and food service equipment for events, classrooms, shows, and other school functions.


Investigative Electrician

United Ships Service

    Contracted job  onboard Carnival Cruise Ship Glory to investigate and document electrical short on main generator power high voltage conductor.


Rig Electrician

Transocean- Deepwater Champion 6th Gen Drillship
  • ensured regular preventative maintenance activities were completed to the electrical systems throughout the rig
  • repaired and maintained  deck equipment, drilling equipment, engine room equipment, living quarter’s equipment, lighting and navigational systems. 
  • Performing maintenance and troubleshooting on:
    STX-Mann / 11Kv ABB Generators And Transformers.
    ABB ACS6000 Thruster Drives
    Kongsberg DP-3 station keeping
    ABB ACS Drilling Drives
    NOV Drilling Equipment TDS1000 Top Drive, AHD-1250 Draw works
    PRS -5 pipe handling equipment
    NOV mud pumps and Brandt mud processing
    NOV knuckle boom cranes
    480 volt switchboards, MCCs and Transformers
    Troubleshooting branch circuits, lighting systems, and motors
  • Power Generation and Distribution

    • Isolates and de-isolates main power distribution to equipment.
    • Carries out electrical isolations in compliance with the company’s Permit to Work System and Electrical Procedures Manual.
    • Restores rig power following a shutdown.
    • Inspects, cleans, services, adjusts, troubleshoots, and repairs generators and controls.
    • Performs planned and preventative maintenance.
    • Sets operational parameters on breakers and transformers; isolates circuits.
    • Inspects, services, maintains, troubleshoots, repairs and replaces breakers and transformers.
    • Cleans power distribution system switchboard while maintaining, servicing, troubleshooting and repairing components.

    Electrical Systems

    • Cleans, inspects, tests, calibrates, troubleshoots, and repairs motors and control circuits.
    • Performs required planned and preventative maintenance and rotation of motors.
    • Maintains, services, troubleshoots, and repairs the crane control system, brakes, motors, and electrical systems in addition to performing all planned and preventative maintenance on the crane control system.
    • Tests and calibrates alarm systems and sensors, and maintains, services, troubleshoots, and repairs alarm and communication systems.
    • Performs all planned end preventative maintenance.
    • Maintains, services, troubleshoots, and repairs refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, in addition to performing all planned and preventative maintenance.

     General Maintenance

    • Evaluates rig equipment for performance and monitors use.
    • Determines/interprets capacities and performance data to select equipment to be used for maximum efficiency and reliability.
    • Inspects, services troubleshoots, and repairs equipment in hazardous areas.
    • Supervises and performs testing and changing of protective equipment settings.
    • Configures, modifies, and tests electrical equipment; reads and interprets prints, electrical schematics, isometric diagrams, wiring diagrams, and technical manuals.
    • Uses technical manuals and reference sources to find information regarding parts, repairs, replacements, operational conditions and procedures, and repair procedures.
    • Calibrates, maintains, and repairs test equipment and tools.
    • Conducts and documents inventory of tools and parts, ensuring that they are available for work assignments and in good operational condition.
    • Requisitions additional parts and supplies to maintain adequate inventory and ensures rotation of spare parts.
    • Keeps records of planned and preventative maintenance; including electrical isolation logs, and of scheduled manufacturer recommended test results for electrical and electronic equipment.
    • Performs all preventative maintenance according to manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Maintains records of readings and tests.
    • Updates rig drawings or recommends drawing changes based on work performed.
    • Ensures compliance with all electrical provisions of applicable regulatory bodies, including National Electric Code, Fire Prevention Code, United States Coast Guard, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, and other local regulatory bodies.
    • Ensures electrical equipment Inventory’s maintained, organized, and labeled for easy access to eliminate operations failures and downtime.
    • Acts as a member of the technical team in the event of a fire or other emergency; participates in meetings and drills as a member of an emergency team.
    • Maintains updated knowledge of electrical systems and of safety requirements and regulations concerning the use and maintenance of electrical equipment.
    • Performs other duties and special projects as requested by management.


    • Ensures safe work practices in all areas of the operation the employee is involved in.
    • Develops and implements Job Safety Environmental Analyses.
    • Participates in safety and job-specific training programs.
    • Performs all duties in accordance with the Permit to Work System.
    • Utilizes Stop Work AuthorityMaintain compliance of shipboard systems as per government regulations and Coast Guard requirements

General Manager / Senior Project Manager 

Megawattage LLC. 
  • Design, bid, and build electrical construction projects
  • Senior project manager for Hillsborough county Florida power distribution project- underground 15kv, new distribution switches, 2000kva transformers, and into switchgear at the water treatment plant
  • FEMA emergency radio transmitter upgrade for KBR- installation of new generators, 5,000gal diesel tanks, and transmitter modules
  • Florida special needs shelter generator installations at Ruben Dario Middle School and Fergusson High School in Miami, FL- 1000kw diesel generators and 5,000-gallon fuel tanks with new 480-volt switchgear replacement
  • Perform installation and maintenance on commercial diesel generators 40kw to 2000kw and diesel fuel tanks
  • Job superintendent for Florida special needs shelter 750kw generator installation at Sunset school in Ft Lauderdale- intercept 2000Amp 480-volt service and install remote switchgear for new 750kw generator
  • Electrician on McNicol Middle generator installation, intercept 3000Amp, 480-volt service and install remote ATS for new 1000kw generator

Installation and Service Technician

24/7 Power Inc. 
  • Perform installation and maintenance on residential standby generators
  • Design residential generator installations

Field Supervisor

Alarm Tech
  • Design, bid, install, maintain, service, and train employees on fire / burglar alarms, CCTV/Cable TV, phone/data systems, intercoms, access control systems (with biometrics), and stereo/surround sound systems

Communications Electrician

United States Navy
  • Install, maintain, and troubleshoot electronic equipment onboard ship such as (IVCS) ships telephone system, audio/video/PA equipment, electronic lighting equipment, wind speed / direction indicators and sensors, and various alarm sensors