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Greg Goode

Environmental Programs Manager


Over 18 years of experience working in various lab settings, and over 8 years of experience managing a team of 6-10 scientist. Utilize experience and knowledge to develop effective solutions to customer issues or problems. Motivate and encourage team members to build and maintain a customer focused culture, in order to provide the best service possible.   

Work experience

Apr 2009Present

Environmental Programs Manager

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Provide effective leadership, personnel management and technical supervision for two laboratory units.

Plan and oversee the training of staff to ensure competency to perform assigned tasks.

Perform administrative tasks associated with the aspects of the management of staff. This included, but not limited to: rating performances, recommending career progressions, staff discipline, and ensuring staff safety.

Ensure adequate resources are available to meet customer needs and to support the environmental programs of the Agency. 

Provide insightful contributions to Divisional budgetary decisions to help ensure current strategic needs are met, and future needs are addressed.

Promote and support the ethics policies of the Division to ensure the quality of work by all staff.

Through active engagement with the customers ensure that their Data Quality Objectives, for their project, will be adequately addressed by the Quality Assurance System within the laboratory. 

Responsible for maintaining the proper amount of control over all aspects of the data generation process to yield the highest quality product possible.

Ensure that a quality product is delivered to the customer in a timely fashion, that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Ensure that any issues or challenges that occur before or after delivery of the data are dealt with in a swift and professional manner.

Ensure that all team members are focused on supporting the goals of the Section, Division and Agency.

Responsible for providing a work environment that puts safety and customer service at the forefront of the teams daily activities. 

Apr 2004Apr 2009

Environmental/Chemical Laboratory Scientest

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Serve as Technical Specialist for the General Chemistry Section.

Support the Section's operational goal of providing its clients with their project reports within specified timelines.

Serve as the Section's Lead Trainer by conducting, or overseeing, all training. Also, responsible for ensuring all trainings are fully documented and archived.

Ensure that Section Standard Operating Procedures meet strict technical review criteria during the annual review process.

Responsible for conducting analytical work in an timely, efficient manner and strictly adhering to Divisional safety and ethics protocols. 

Utilize solid interpersonal skills to build and strengthen the team environment, within the Section.

Develop and hone troubleshooting skills that get positive outcomes to problems that range from simple to complex.  


Aug 1993Jun 1997

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry

Cameron University

Educational career focused on Organic Chemistry in addition to Biochemistry during senior year.