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Highly skilled web designer with solid expertise in website creation and enhancement, including graphic design. Knowledge and experience with web development utilizing HTML, ASP classic, JavaScript, Visual Studio and MySQL. A 2nd level specialist/ technician well versed in national and international technical support and problem resolution. Effectively translates ideas and plans between diverse groups while maintaining understanding and empathy with clients. Strong performer who readily takes direction and requires little supervision.

Work experience


DNN (DotNetNuke) Developer (remote)

BANC3 FEDERAL, INC., Princeton, NJ

Responsibility Statement: Web development, design and maintenance in the DNN content management system (CMS) for Burlington County web sites.


  • Web design and development, maintenance (SME) for Burlington County web sites (Burlington County Bridge Commission –,, utilizing DNN version 5.6.2 (SuperUser Account)
  • Troubleshoot problem tickets received from users of Burlington County web sites. Contact users if clarity is needed on tickets. Update problem resolution and steps taken on spreadsheet via Google shared drive.
  • Troubleshoot SQL statements, update statements as needed. Run contract bids via MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Remote into server and websites via Remote Desktop for bid access, restarting server and websites via IIS Services.



Responsibility Statement: Web design and development, graphic design, consulting  with individuals and companies, individual/freelance/volunteer work basis


  • New Bethany Ministries, Bethlehem, PA (2013) – web design and development, maintenance,  and re-design of website project using DotNetNuke
  • Salvation Army Bethlehem Corps, Bethlehem, PA (2012-present) – program design and desktop publishing for women’s ministry and senior citizen groups
  • Lehigh Valley Professionals, Allentown, PA (2011-2015) – Chairman and co-chairman IT/Web committee: web design and development; principal designer/developer website re-design project, and new site creation using DotNetNuke
  • Historic Bethlehem Partnership , Bethlehem, PA (2011) – web site consultant
  • Salvation Army Children’s Services, Allentown, PA (2011) – graphic design/  Summer Annual Picnic flier
  • B.E.S.T. Talent Management Solutions LLC. , Flemington, NJ (2010-2011) – web design and development/web site creator
  • (personal website) , Easton, PA (2004-present) – web design and development/web site creator
  • The Queen Bean Coffee Bar & Café, East Stroudsburg, PA (2004) – web design/flash menu selection

Field ServiceSupport, Technical Support Analyst – Computer Systems, Desktop, Network


Responsibility Statement: field service and technical support and service, software and hardware support and deployment  with companies, contract work basis


  • St. Luke’s Hospital Physician Group PC Imaging project, Bethlehem, PA (2013) - re-image software, join computers to hospital domain, and run software on workstations, laptops, and ipad tablets. Deployment of computers after re-image process. Move and set up current and new computer equipment; clean out and recycle old equipment.


  • Weight Watchers Laptop Garage project, Philadelphia, PA (2012) – support personnel for managers laptops: Windows XP and 7 updates, Office 2010 updates; Trend antivirus verification and update, Windows Intune Center verification and installation, system backup verification, scheduling, and backup run and saved on external hard drive; customer and technical service provided to management


1st Shift Mail Extraction and sorting processor (PT)

Responsibility Statement: Mail order extraction, sort and process for Publisher's Clearinghouse and Rodale


  • Open and extract mail from customers of Publisher's Clearinghouse and Rodale.
  • Sort orders, checks and cash, correspondence, returns and other materials sent by customers from Publisher's Clearinghouse and Rodale.

Bundle sorted mail for further processing.


2nd level User Support Analyst/Technician, Internal Customer Support/Shared Services Division (2007-2010), Jr. Web Developer, Corporate Technology Support Group (CTSG) (2005-2007), 1st and 2nd level User Support Analyst, Internal Customer Support/Information Systems (1997-2005). Consultant on assignment at United Parcel Service, User Support Analyst - Internal Customer Support (1997)


2nd level User Support Analyst/Technician, Internal Customer Support/Shared Services Division (2007-2010)

Responsibility Statement: Technical support  with HDFS and other applications, documentation


  • Provide root cause analysis for Internal Customer Support and field support departments utilizing reports from MS Excel and Access. The reports were used to communicate problem areas in ICS and Technical Support Centers (TSC), eliminating unnecessary practices and saving the company money.
  • Provide service to internal customers through the Help Desk Field Service (HDFS) utility worldwide. This often involved creation of users, their rights and environmental properties, as well as altering those properties (such as employee, local, regional and district). The utility is used by all personnel in UPS to log any calls generated internally and externally, work done by the field service technicians, and outages and service failures companywide. Users of this Peoplesoft system were able to utilize HDFS successfully with understanding, and communicate critical system information timely.
  • Other applications and utilities supported and used for second level support are as follows: PDT (project documentation, creation, maintenance and distribution), SMS (training utility for courses, CBTs and certification within Skillsoft/Skillport , EARS (an inventory supply tool for all devices in UPS), CTSG HDFS Reporting (companywide reporting site that is maintained by the CTSG web application department). The level of usage was maintained for projects, training, inventory and reports, with minimal downtime experienced.
  • Develop documentation for running and maintaining reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Development of documentation procedures for the UPS Building Location updates in HDFS and PDT weekly procedures. The documentation is now used by UPS personnel to create and maintain building locations worldwide, and communicate updates throughout UPS on a weekly basis.


Jr. Web Developer, Corporate Technology Support Group (CTSG) (2005-2007)

Responsibility Statement: Web design and development, and reporting maintenance


  • Create, design and upgrade internal web pages for ICS, CTSG and other departments throughout UPS. Fulfilled requirements and needs from corporate users. This created visibility for capabilities of CTSG Web Development Department, and development opportunities for me as a new developer.
  • Create and update monthly reports for ICS and CTSG departments. Reports were used for trending activities within ICS & CTSG, and served as a gauge for weeks and months to follow.
  • Maintain daily reports for ACD data, derived from phone statistics from Technical Support Center locations.      Reports were used to capture activities and gave trends for strengths and weaknesses in global technical support centers (TSC). Money was saved by the company and used in the support centers were needed.


1st and 2nd level User Support Analyst, Internal Customer Support/Information Systems (1997-2005)

Responsibility Statement: Technical support with Intranet, Internet and Exchange applications, documentation


  • Monitor and maintain Intranet, Internet and Exchange servers company wide, through the web monitoring utility. Provide technical support for internal and external personnel, while troubleshooting applications company wide.  This proactive solution allowed more time for contact and troubleshooting with 3rd level support, affording                                         more uptime and usage of servers.
  • Participant in the Louisville, KY email migration project (including Louisville site visit, helpdesk troubleshooting analysis and train/mentor ICS technicians after migration implementation) and RSA Strong Authentication token system login migration. This created a smoother transition for email support during and after the one on one personal sessions.
  • Mentor and train new Ecomm and ODS technicians on ICS applications. Technicians understood and adapted to new responsibilities and duties at a quicker pace, strengthening the helpdesk.
  • Develop documentation on web monitoring utility, proper troubleshooting of servers and alerts and contact listing. The documentation was used by helpdesk technicians for proactive and reactive support, maintaining system stability.


Chubb Professional Resources, Parsippany, NJ                                                                   1997

Consultant on assignment at United Parcel Service, User Support Analyst - Internal Customer Support

Responsibility Statement: Technical support with ODS application


  • Provide technical support for UPS internal personnel while troubleshooting application, communication, software  and hardware problems occurring on 28-30 applications at hubs, local, remote and extended centers, application servers and web server sites. This created a centralized area of expertise where users could report problems and                                       issues, and have them addressed or resolved quickly.
  • Monitor and maintain 41 ODS application servers worldwide, connecting centers and dispatches with their drivers via communications and orders; Intranet and Internet Web servers. Communication was continued, package pickup and delivery was maintained, creating profit for the company.
  • Document problems for ODS, wireless communication and ECOMM issues. After documentation, troubleshooting continues and logs are maintained until solution is reached. This created a central location for problem identification and solution for all involved parties.

Proxy Information Lead Clerk 

Tritech Services – a Merrill Lynch Company -  Piscataway, NJ

Responsibility Statement: Clerical customer support, research, training and core team improvements


  • Provide detailed research and customer service for Merrill Lynch and Tritech personnel, financial consultants, solicitors and clients. Also responsible for training proxy clerical personnel, update corporate records and to clear, cataloged and store company files on a yearly basis.
  • Participated in core teams and safety inspection to innovate and improve our overall system and procedures. Our solutions brought search card imaging to the computers, saving time and money, and made the work environment cleaner and safer.

Proxy Information Lead Clerk 

New Jersey Realty Title Insurance Company - Newark, NJ

Responsibility Statement: Clerical title search processing, file system maintenance and training


  • Prioritize and process daily title searches for Essex, Hudson and Union Counties. Also responsible for maintaining critical file system at on and off-site locations.
  • Evaluation and expedition of new business for the Accounting department. Also responsible for the training of                     office clerical personnel in office procedures.



A.S.T (Associate of Specialized Technology) - Web Administration

Lehigh Valley College

Diploma - Web Design & Technology

Lehigh Valley College

Diploma - Data Center Support

The Chubb Institute

B.A (Bachelor of Arts) - English/Journalism

Rutgers University




  • Creativity
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Attention to details and deadlines 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Manage changing priorities
  • Works well individually, and in team environment

Proven Areas of Expertise:


  • HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, DotNetNuke
  • Adobe: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Microsoft: Access, Excel, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, MySQL, Visual Studio

  • Technical customer support
  • Phone and ticket problem resolution
  • Documentation of instructions, procedures, and updates
  • Implementation of new hardware, software, and procedures


Hardware:        Web, Intranet, Internet servers, 3270 mainframe, pc workstations, lan, wan


Software:         HTML, CSS, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP, Macromedia/Adobe Cold Fusion, DotNetNuke, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop, PL/SQL 9i, Formbuilder, MySQL, Microsoft Office Access, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word, Visual Studio


O/S:                 Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, 7


Text section


  • Rutgers University (Newark, NJ)
  1. Dean’s List
  2. Peter C. Christian Memorial Award for Journalism (1988)
  • The Chubb Institute (Parsippany, NJ)
  1. Honor Society member  (1996/1997)




  • Tritech, A Merrill Lynch Company (Piscataway, NJ)
  1. Employee of the Month (July 1995)
  • UPS (Morristown, NJ)
  1. Perfect Attendance (two months in one year)
  2. Technician of the Month
  • CDS Global, Inc. (Bethlehem, PA)
  1. Perfect Attendance (2009, 2011 - two or more)



  1. Lehigh Valley Professionals – IT/Web Committee (Allentown, PA) : Chairman and co-chairman
  2. United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley (Allentown, PA) – Loaned Representative
  3. Salvation Army Bethlehem Corps (Bethlehem, PA) – program design and desktop publishing for women’s ministry and senior citizen groups
  4. American Cancer Society Lehigh Valley Unit (Bethlehem, PA) – clerical, websites event manager, excel documents creation
  5. Faith Community Assembly of God (Easton, PA) –
  6. Audio visual co-ordinator/early Sunday morning sessions
  7. Monthly Communion Service set-up
  8. Actor, singer, props in church plays
  9. Soloist
  10. Bethel Memorial Baptist Church (Easton, PA)
  11. Audio visual co-ordinator in training/Sunday evening sessions
  12. Historic Bethlehem Partnership (Bethlehem, PA) – Web Site Consultant
  13. New Year’s Eve 250th Anniversary Bell Drop Celebration (Allentown, PA) – stage performers assistance, horse carriage ride street  blockade co-ordinator and crowd control
  14. Kreidersville Covered Bridge Association (KCB) Tree Lighting Ceremony (Northampton, PA) – set up, candle lighting and maintenance in bridge, break down
  15. ArtsQuest Musikfest 2011, 2012, 2013 - Base Communications operator, Press Center, Booth Attendant
  16. Salvation Army Children’s Services (Allentown, PA) – Graphic Designer



  1. Lehigh Valley Professionals
  2. FBC Employment Network
  3. Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) – Lehigh Valley, PA
  4. Technology Professionals Networking Group (TPNG) – King of Prussia/Philadelphia region
  5. Linked-In Network
  6. Faith Community Assembly of God
  7. Bethel Memorial Baptist Church
  8. LHH Alumni
  9. Rutgers University Alumni
  10. The Chubb Institute alumni
  11. Lehigh Valley College Alumni
  12. Benedict’s Preparatory School Alumni
  13. Project Link/Link Community School alumni









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